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Yes!! For the first time in a month and a half i was able to workout after 1 day instead after a week and a half But today was also major fail. My strength hasn't decreased a whole lot, but I feel like I'm basically starting over. I think I used to weight high 150s, but now i weight 152. Anyways Today 1 cup oatmeal with a little brown sugar and cranberries 25g BCAAs 2 chicken breasts so far workout was 6x10s L-sit on bench (legs go low after a certain point) 5x12s frog planche (can hold advanced for a few seconds) 3x5 handstand pushups (last two sets were with feet on ledge) 5,4,3 65# shoulder press 5x3 95# cleans 3x5 dips 5,3,1 chinups 3x10x10# back extension I'm sore everywhere, but I'm happy overall. I feel like my handstands are getting more stable. Hopefully I'll be able to hold planches for longer and be able to lift my legs up on L-sits. also my cleans are shit. need more practice. also need more practice with deadlifts Goal for tomorrow is eat properly (meats, veggies, O3s) and do 30 min cardio in the morning before work
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YES! 3rd workout day i didn't miss.

still have yet to bike 30 min everyday


10x6s L-sit (still on benches)
fooled around with front levers. can't maintain at all. need to find a way to do this.
3x5x115# Bench press
15 chin ups throughout the workout
3x10x10# back extension
3x10x10# glute ham situps - abs are feeling so awesome
1x5x#225 deadlifts. feel great (except for rounded backs). did 3, 4 more for practice

tried to do a hanstand pushup. couldnt do any from head to ground to straight up. last time i cheated. could hold a handstand for a few seconds tho and going up feels great.

ate one cookie today and a cup of coffee. about to eat 3.5 chicken breasts, some salad, and some tomato based soup

also ate O3s in the morning, ordered some green tea extract and ON cookies and cream casein

I feel pretty good today

there was some really really tall dude in the gym screaming doing some oly lifts (clean and jerk, deadlifts) dropping weights everywhere. i thought part of the lift was lowering the weight slowly? anyways. was awkward.
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4th day! felt really good today. prolly cuz i've been cheating on meals here and there 5x12s l-sit 2,2,2,2,2 tuck planche 17, 20, 15 frog planche. thought i might try tucks. but can barely hold them if at all. 5,3,2 75# push press 3x5x95# clean. i want to increase weight, but my form is nowhere near good. i concentrated on keeping the bar close to my body today. 3x5x25# dips. easy peasy. should up to 35. 5,4,2 chin ups. did 3 more later because i felt bad ate 2 chicken breasts with hoisin sauce. some ice cream and some bu dae jji gae and half cup white rice. cleared out ice cream in freezer. prolly no more til next week. O3s. i think i cheat too often. im not getting fat so i think i'm ok. abs a lot more defined but clearly layer of fat over it and a little side handle. ordered some green tea extract and got a 4# tub of cookies and cream casein. im thinking of buying a french press (bodum), grinder (baritza maestro plus), and a thermos (that leak proof nissan one). coffee keeps hunger away and more concentration at class in the morning. i think it'll be a nice post workout ritual in the morning and time to catch up on reading
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5th day am eating a bowl of leftover stew and a half a bag of frozen veggies, waiting for two chicken breasts to defrost. stew's prolly not too healthy. prolly has pork fat in it had bcaas earlier today with green tea extract and caffeine. anyways, fasted training this morning 4x15s L-sit. first two sets felt good. last set the legs sagged a bit. 60s ish front levers. i kinda have to cheat. can't keep my butt parallel to shoulders so i kinda rest on my shoulders. 3x5x125# bench press 3x5x15# glute ham sit ups 3x5x15# back extension 1x5x235# deadlifts. these were tough. my thumbs still kinda hurt. did like 5 chinups, practiced handstands, hang glides, and air babies today felt pretty crappy. i slept at 3 last night. prolly going to get some blu light to see if that'll help insomnia. going to look up info on how to improve front levers and hook grips. also. cookies cream kinda sucks and now i have to eat 4# of it
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alright. switched up work out days to TRS instead of MWF. Wednesdays are total killer all day work days and I dont think I can handle it

also goal for next week is to eat clean. like absolutely clean. meat, veggies, little oil. i can do it i can do it i can do it

i find coffee helps suppress appetite so probably will do that in the morning



4x15s l-sit. feels a lot better. last set was pretty tough tho
60s frog planche. tough to keep balance
3x5x#80 push press. failed the last rep
3x5x#105 cleans. weight doesnt feel like a lot, but my form is pretty bad. the last few reps i concentrated on triple extension, shrugging shoulders, keeping the bar near my shin and legs, starting slowly, and then quick movement up and under and they felt pretty good.
3x5x#35 dips. felt good
3x5 chin ups. Failed last two reps. So did 2 then 1 after a rest

practiced a bit of handstands


had bcaas before and during workout along with caffeine and green tea extract

I believe this is my 6th workout without skipping one in between!! success!!

Going to go run tomorrow in the morning and practice more handstands
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i ate a crap ton of bad food yesterday.

one of the dining halls had "korean food" night

-_- ate a ton of those sticky rice with chicken bbq inside wrapped in lotus leaves. soo good

anyways. strict diet til next wednesday

had bcaas, o3s, green tea extract, caffeine this morning. oh and a cup of earl grey. sooo good

low intensity bike ride for 26 minutes (i think 200 some calories), stretched.

going to eat clean~!!!!!! i can do it!!!
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was supposed to have hit the gym yesterday, but didn't have enough time. so i'm not too sure what to do. I think i'll do a workout Sunday morning and then continue on Tuesday. i havent eaten strictly clean yet, but today so far has been pretty good. anyways morning O3s, GTE, caffeine, BCAAs upped O3s to 4g and felt kinda nauseous and didn't like the fish smell coming out of my mouth. prolly will split in two and take later at night. 3x20s L-sit, struggled a little bit with this 60s ish front levers. i can't do a proper tucked level so I try and do negatives and then hold. been focusing on keeping shoulders behind hands and keeping elbows straight. pretty tough. I think I can hold an unbent 90 degree front lever much better than a tuck lever. so prolly will properly time those next time for 60s. 3x5x20# back extension 3x5x20# GH situps. both were super easy. prolly will up to 30# next time 3x5x135# bench press. was a little uneasy at first at how well I would be able to do this cuz last week or so I could not do it. so i asked around for spotters. turned out to be super easy. will up 10# next time. 1x5x245# deadlift. My legs and back can definitely take this, but my thumbs hurt like a motherfucker. I want to up the weight again 10 more #, but I'm not sure if I should. Tried doing some chinups. Did 5, then 4, then felt like shit and stopped there. I feel a little tired, but right now I am super super super happy. Haven't felt this happy in a very very long time. I started light therapy 3 days ago and maybe it's because of it or placebo effect, but sleeping at night has never been sweeter and I've been pretty happy throughout the day and not very tired.
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O3s, BCAAs, GTE, caffeine

3x20s L-sit
I held a frog planche for 55 seconds. Just before that I did 10 seconds. I think arm strength at the end was what made me give away.
1x5x85#, 5 then 4x90# push press
3x5x115# cleans
3x5x35# dips
5,4,1 chinups

brief stretching

ate clean today except for some bread
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How's it going?
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it's going.

i stopped writing here after lack of feedback and participation.

i find it easier to just use tomboy notes on ubuntu after having installed a calculator plugin

i cheat every now and then, but i've been dropping bodyfat
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