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8 eggs with spinach and cheddar
10oz coffee
28 oz water
1 slice wheat toast

1 musclemilk shake w/banana

2 6oz sirloins with spinach and walnuts
36 oz water
12 oz green tea

1 musclemilk shake

1 8oz bowl hungarian ghoulash
36 oz water
12 oz whole milk

25 chicken wings with hot sauce

4g fish oil
10g creatine
50mg mystery supplements
250mg more mystery supplements

push press, 135 x 25, 175 x 10, 205 x 3, 205 x 3, 205 x 3
close grip bench, 175 x 15, 225 x 6, 315 x 3, 315 x 3, 315 x 3
barbell curl, 115 x 15, 135 x 6, 165 x 3, 165 x 3, 165 x 3
upright row, 135 x 12, 175 x 3, 175 x 3, 175 x 3, 175 x 3
dumbell flyes, 50 x 15, 100 x 3, 100 x 3, 100 x 3, 100 x 3
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post
what diet plan are you following? I need a plan for post RFL/PSMF

None really. I can't stand to measure, count, etc. My general approach is vegetable, lean protein, nuts and fruit... in that order, followed by a sane allowance of whole grains/legumes. (Rye bread, brown rice, oatmeal, etc).

Two meals a week I'll eat whatever I want. I generally try to save these for unexpected social events.

Bkfst-Oatmeal with apples and walnuts.
Lunch- walnut/cranberry/chicken wrapped in collard greens and baked (leftovers from dinner)
Dinner- will be w.w. pasta with kale, tomatoes etc and some homemade turkey jerky on the side.
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^ where's the protein?
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
^ where's the protein?

None at breakfast today. Chopped chicken breast (probably 4oz) with collards at lunch, and about the same from turkey at dinner.Generally not more than 3-4oz at lunch and dinner plus some mornings get cottage cheese, eggs and/or post workout whey protein shake. I am not very kunked.
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2 muscle milk shakes

2 chicken breasts - francese
mixed veg
garden salad

turkey breast with avocado salad

steak salad with spinach

leg press-7 x 675, 5 x 755, 3 x 895, 3 x 895

squat-7 x 315, 5 x 365, 3 x 415, 3 x 415

rack pulls, 3 x 3, 365

guillotine press, 5 x 6, 225

reverse crunch, 3 x 25

hanging leg raise, 3 x 25

woodchops, 3 x 15

hang cleans, 3 x 5, 175
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Today- Breakfast: 45g protein shake workout: 4 sets wide grip chin-ups superset with cable row 4 sets close-grip chin-ups superset with bent-over row 5 sets hammer press superset with lateral raises 4 sets upright rows superset with shrugs who knows what I'll eat after that. off to the gym, ta ta!
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Alright. 4 large chicken breasts - 180g protein, 12 g fat 8 tbsp chickpea sauce (chickpeas, vegetable stock, garlic, tons of different spices) - 25g carbohydrates 720+108+100 = 928 calories no ecg, o3, multivitamin, calcium, Did the "crossfit" warmup. Did not time. No more mourning. I'll start weighing, carefully calculating, and timing things tomorrow. Holy crap Kunk has crazy stats. Francese = fried chicken cutlet? Nice. Eason is here. Haven't seen db_ggmm in awhile.
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Daily Supps - 2x fish, 2x flax, Multi, Vit D, 1 green, Zinc, Magnesium (sleep).

2cu whole milk, 1/2cu rolled oats, 1cu coffee in a glass
1cu tomato juice
Fish, flax, and either 1 spirulina or 1 chlorella cap.
300+150+50 = 500 cal prework out

work out

1cu whole milk, 1cu rolled oats, handful dried cranberries / walnuts / almonds / sesame seeds
Fish, flax, multi, vitD, zinc, chondroitin, 2x creatine (Weider).
150+300+??300 = 800 cal post work out

1 lb trader joe's 2% fat greek yogurt
2x160 = 320 cal

Dinner Out - Ethiopian 'gored gored'
6-8oz raw steak coated in warm butter and berbere spice with flat bread, ~1 cup lentils, beans.
Estimate 1000 cals (no real idea).

2cu whole milk, 350 calories of beans

Sleep Aid:
1cu whole milk

~3400 cal

Work out.

5x5 low bar squat
5x5 overhead press
6 individual deadlifts
3 sets to fail chinups
3 prone bridges
100 count grip work with 32kg kettlebell

Sprained my neck. FFFUUUUUU
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I've been following the guide posts set out in this article for the last four weeks. Nothing revolutionary, but it prompted me to start doing regular circuit-like training with moves such as lunges and deadlifts again after probably a year of avoiding them.

Trying to cut, but unlike past attempts, it seems to be working. The circuit training has definitely helped, but maintaining a food journal/FitDay for more than four consecutive days has really put day-to-day eating in perspective. I was taking in way too many starchy carbs and calories for my goals.

The above article suggests going 400 calories below maintenance. I wasn't using FitDay for the first couple weeks, instead just writing down everything I ate. Once I started logging that food in, I realized I was still eating at maintenance or above pretty much every day. On the suggestion for FFB's from Shugart, I shaved off an extra 100 calories, meaning I'm eating at about 1,800 calories right now instead of 1,900.

For the next couple weeks, I'm cutting non-veggie carbs to pretty much my PWO shake. I'll have one refeed day, but otherwise, I'm probably looking at around 70-80 carbs before considering fiber.

It's obviously not a caloric intake I want to maintain for too extended a period of time. What's odd about this, though, is eating at such a deficit has led to me eating more veggies and lean cuts of meat than usual to get the most bang for my caloric buck.
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My stack is also pretty basic: whey protein, fish oil, and ZMA. Was taking creatine until I ran out a couple weeks ago.

Been kicking around the idea of picking up some BCAA's and HotRox. Can anyone speak of the former's worth in a daily stack?
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Originally Posted by TNation article
"¢ Greater caloric expenditure than most cardio over the same time frame
"¢ Longer elevation of metabolic processes involved with fat loss
"¢ Better for retaining your muscle, which keeps the basal metabolic rate higher

What kind of weight training uses more calories than what 'cardio'?

And what are these mystical metabolic processes?

The third point is abjectly idiotic for reasons clearly explained elsewhere.
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I can't speak for the author, but I know three circuits of lunges, deadlifts, etc. leaves me gasping for breath quicker than say, a 20-minute run.
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Originally Posted by APK View Post
I can't speak for the author, but I know three circuits of lunges, deadlifts, etc. leaves me gasping for breath quicker than say, a 20-minute run.

Run faster.
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i personally prefer 2-3 cycles of tabatas to running or steady-state cardio. just prefernece as I find running painfully boring.
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Same deal here. I'll run here and there, but find it too uninteresting to do regularly. My hat's off to those who run regularly and find joy/reward in it. I'd rather be left gasping from Tabata or circuits of lifts than a run.
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