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Originally Posted by Nantucket Red
Are you able to say, "I've been trying to refuse politely but it's taking way too much energy."?

If you can find a diplomatic way to convey to him what you're conveying to us, it might get the message across.

I just refused for the third time, firmly, but with a bit of playfulness so he hopefully doesn't get offended. But I wouldn't be surprised if my Christmas gift were made of gold. Sigh.

I imagine there will be "un froid" for a while, just like the time I told him I no longer wanted to do photo sessions.
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I probably should learn to leave my shovel in the shed, but your reply, Fabienne, leaves me with an uneasy feeling. You've said several times that this friend has only the most innocent intentions. I should believe you, but methinks you might not be catching the full force of his aim. I don't think a casual "friend" would be this persistent, nor would he offer gifts of what I deem intimate nature. I think the "playfulness" you indicate accompanied your most recent refusal will dilute your intent. As Barney Fife said, it's time to "nip it in the bud. Nip it. Nip it. Nip it."
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fabienne, a true artist would make the ring with or without your permission or input. he would then give it to you regardless of whether or not you wanted it. the fact that there's so much discourse about it before he's even made the thing shows an alterior motive.
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His latest reply was solemn, I simply got out of that mode. It was more of a "lighten up" kind of answer. I think he takes affront at my potentially pointing at the fact that he might not be skilled enough. As a background, I didn't like the last photographs he had taken at all, the large format camera being most unflattering. He differed. I think it may be his way of attempting to create something I will finally be pleased by, as he knows photography is out. His wife likes everything he does, so the contrast is striking.
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Well if he does wind up giving you the ring, either give it to charity and let him know that you did, or have your husband return the ring to him. This guy sounds a little nutty.
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