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Michael J Krell BD Shirts $32, $30 & $20 |Skinny Pants Added $50

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We would like to offer you three new button down shirts for only $62 after the discount code provided below. We have decided to test out a very competitive pricing strategy with our latest shirts to see how many shirts we can actually move. You will also notice that there is a variety of shoulder and chest measurements to choose from in each shirt. Hopefully, there will be something for just about everyone between an extra small and extra large in most shirts.

Because of this very low price point, we will not be accepting returns on any of these shirts.

For those of you that recently ordered the red and/or green chambray shirt, we will give you $10 in store credit. If you place an order, please send us an email and tell us which shirt you purchased and we will refund your card/paypal.

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I'm interested. But is $62 the result after $83 is brought down by 20%? Thanks. 83*0.8=66.4><62
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I predict you will move a shitload of these shirts. Green chambray purchased.
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are they single needle like your older shirts? im guessing plastic buttons?
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These are serged together... If you didn't see in SW&D, March will be our last month in business. Shirts are now $56 after the discount...
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Dàmn Mike that's some sad news...
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Don't mean to hijack, but if anyone is interested in a MJK $60 store credit for $50, PM me.
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sad to hear that
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sorry to hear that man. Green chambray ordered. Best of luck!
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No XS?
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Sorry to hear this, Mike. I don't spend much time in SW&D, and so have ordered very little from you guys, but my Krell fluted V-Necks are one of my favorite pieces ever. The design on those was inspired -- and on such a "commonplace" item like a tee. ~ Hunstman
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Our last two flannel shirs are up and are $56. All the discount codes have been disabled, so just add it to the cart and check out. Hopefully we will have pants and one-of-a-kind items up within the week. Please be patient with my email responses and shipping also, please. I also have sets (9 large and 2 small) of those MoP buttons we used for our single-needle shirts available for $10 each. If you order 5 or more sets, I can give you 10% off. I will have pictures and a sales thread in the buying and selling forum up next week, but if anyone would like to purchase them now, just paypal the money to and please do not send it as a gift.
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Thanks for the love Huntsman!
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Did you get my PM on the item I never received?

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