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I seem to have lost ^this painting in one of my moves.
How much would you charge to _ahem_ recreate it?
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That's the one that sold for 160+ million, eh? What was the original canvas size? Well, the canvas I have right now, and the respective prices for this reproduction, would be: 6 x 8" - $225 8.5 x 10.5" - $300 These two sizes would be painted on Artfix linen mounted on baltic birch panel any larger sizes up to 20 x 24" would be painted on stretched linen $400 + shipping
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^It was only $106 mil.
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I like your work. Especially the faceless chicks. Just curious, how much is shipping for paintings? Do you just wrap them in paper and bubble wrap or do you use a crate?
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Kent Wang - Thanks! Yeah, I try to stick to small canvas panels that can be shipped in envelopes with wax paper and bubble wrap, not only to avoid going to the post office, but also to keep them safe from punctures or dents when I travel, which is more likely with stretched canvas. I'm intending to study painting in France every year for 3 months at Studio Escalier. I'm heading back May 20th, and hoping to return with 75+ new paintings If, on the rare occasion, the painting is really large, I make my own crates by sandwiching bookbinding panels.
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You're a very good artist. Your paintings make me miss art class. My mom was a pretty good artist, I found some of her drawings hidden in her room one time. Too bad I didn't get the talent.
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Rosecity - I hope you will return to art class! What city are you in? There are lots of great art schools popping up now.
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Really good stuff.
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unjung - Thank you Here are some examples of things I paint from out of my head:
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Originally Posted by howlingwolfpress View Post
The overall aesthetic you are looking for reminds me of the multi-figure paintings by Lawrence Alma-Tadema or Waterhouse. As I said above, I would be much more comfortable reproducing a painting that already has all of these elements, than trying to make it up on my own. I'll see what I can find that would work

This was the first painting that came to mind, by Alma-Tadema:

John Singer Sargent, "El Jaleo"

What I had in mind is very similar to the second painting you linked to above. If you are up for a (guided) challenge we should talk. The painting is very specific and in that sense will require less original composition than most. If the first one looks good I have a second one in mind as well.
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MetroStyles - At this point I have to leave for France in less than two weeks, so I probably would have to paint it there and either ship it to you from France or wait until I return, on August 14th. If you can send me some more details about what you are looking for I would appreciate it. I would love to make it happen, I just want to make sure I can do a satisfactory job. Thanks, Stephen edit: Just varnished the painting from first page:
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Hi, I really love the painting up above - how much would it cost for something of a similar design / atmosphere? -Geoff
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Hello Geoff, The painting above is a study after a painting by Johann Liss, so you would have to look at Baroque painters for similar designs. It is available for $325 shipped, the one pictured. The yellow ochre around the edges would be completely covered if you framed it. I have to go to France next Wednesday, though, so you have until then to purchase this one if you want me to ship it asap The rate for reproductions is the same as above: 6 x 8" - $225 8.5 x 10.5" - $300 These two sizes would be painted on Artfix linen mounted on baltic birch panel. For new paintings requests I most likely will not be able to ship them to you until I return from France, which is August 14th, 2010.
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The painting blog linked in my sig has just been re-designed, and I am in the process of adding the rest of the paintings that I still have. There are currently 34 paintings available, and many more to come. Prices are all listed alongside each painting. First come, first served Just a warning, though: I am still in Argenton-Chateau, France, and will not be able to ship paintings until I return to Boston, around August 15th. Thanks for looking! This one was just finished (and listed) today:
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