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I guess it's not for everyone. I really like this album; it's a large step forward artistically from the first rentals album and it's leaps and bounds Better then anything weezer has put out since pinkerton, imo. It took me a couple listents to start to get into it at first, but I really like it. I can see how you could say it's best songs are on the second half and, it's a bit long winded. But there are some really good tracks here, I think, and I'm a fan. In full disclosure, i'm a really huge weezer fan. Maybe that's why this appeals to me so much. Sorry if i stuck everyone with a dud this week.
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nobody else has any opinions on the record? did anyone give it a second shot? I usually have to listen to an album about half a dozen times over before I can really give a judgement.
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The negative reviews have gotten me interested. I am downloading it now but need a few days to give it a proper listen.
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Pirohsky's turn??
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Shit, forgot about thiis thread. Why don't you just go Matt.
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Ill go on Friday and keep us on the weekly rotation, cool?
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OK I am a little ahead of sked even by my timezone standards, but lets do some 'billy.... Stray Cats, Built for Speed... I have uploaded it here for you: http://www.filedropper.com/straycatsbuiltforspeed Enjoy!
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Diggin it.
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Forgot to dl last night, will attempt to remember tonight.
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I enjoyed this.
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Sorry guys, I missed my deadline by a few days. No worries, carry on.
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Am liking the Stray Cats
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