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Manzoni is alright, expect they are slightly above VBC but nothing more than Harrison of Edinburgh
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Originally Posted by add911_11 View Post

Manzoni is alright, expect they are slightly above VBC but nothing more than Harrison of Edinburgh

How do you know? What personal experience do you have with Manzoni? Harrisons is a high quality merchant with mostly -- if not all -- British cloth.
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I own garments with the fabrics in question, all at 230 grams/meter and s120 worsted wool, I find the drape of Marzoni is in between VBC and Harrison

Thats all
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I believe all of the Marzoni fabric is made in Italy.  The fabrics are all from the mills of Italy by Luigi Botto..

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I eventually found out the supplier in Hong Kong. The fabric usually only sell to tailors but not individuals. They spend a lot of money on website and catalogue books. I had a tailor make a sport jacket for me. I think they are strong in sport jacket fabric design but not much in suitings. The fabric design is attractive but not the quality. If I go for sport jacket and fashion base only, I will select Marzoni. Theri price are relatively higher than VBC and they are middle range.
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Do you have the Hong Kong distributor's details to pass along?
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Sent PM to Classic Car

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i've worked extensively with MARZONI fabric and the supplier and with VBC fabrics and it's exclusive agent in HK.

first of all: the manager of MARZONI operation is a veteran of the cloth trade that is worth more than it's pinch of salt, he was picked by MARZONI to be the agent relatively recently (under 10 years)

MARZONI parent company is Toni Tommi and the books used to be called Toni Tommi just a few years back.

the real story of that brand is as follows: a joint venture between italians garment/fabric guys and chinese investors/distributors created a large network of retail stores in china selling high end suits/shirts (i believe the network had up to 200 stores) I'm not sure if all was made in italy but it definitely started with the understanding that the italians would provide know how on the product side.

the retail operation became so big that they had large leftovers of fabrics every season and decided to liquidate that through a small ''cut-cut'' operation in hong kong ( an agent selling single lengths to tailors) it was widely successful because they had the muscle to provide a large variety and copious amounts of sample books (which cost a fortune to make even in china)

MARZONI is in fact not more expensive than VBC, if you pay cash u get an instant 20% discount which puts it a solid 10-15% under VBC comparable fabric. i also consider IMHO that VBC cloth is superior at a comparable range and overall slightly more reliable and longer lasting.

i have personally checked the selvedges of many rolls at the warehouse of MARZONI and i was surprised to find REDA on many high end ranges (super 160's - super 180's ) i discussed this with raymond the agent and he simply said that once u pass basics u can only buy from a couple italian mills that can weave the really fine cloth, on the low end it is entirely possible some fabrics come from KOREA , and so is VBC btw (especially the plain colours)

make no mistake every brand out there from the english to the italians does it, HOLAND & SHERRY have bought their first mill in chile and other guys send the contracts all over the world.

anyway, I'm satisfied with the quality given that it's nice cloth and the range is extensive, the agent is extremely responsive and everything is always in stock, it lasts long enough that i consider the product to be reliable, some will surely disagree on this though.
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I feel at least some of its designs are really from Italy, especially those FU designs which are almost impossible to be found among Chinese mills.
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The design for sport jacket are great. Price is reasonable.
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A suit in Marzoni looks really expensive, I wonder what the price range is for a suit..

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Marzoni cloth for suit are usually cheaper than sport jackets. Price are similar to VBC. It should look cheaper than other famous brand.
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Yes! you can contact  Marzoni- his no is +85223113861

and owner Name is Raymond

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It is China's production

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Originally Posted by liuyangshani View Post

It is China's production


Why do you think this?


Isn't it more likely the fabric is specified and sourced from the top mills in Europe and Asia?

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