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list you're top 10 wardrobe essentials

here's mine:

1. slim white shirt
2. suit
3. sportcoat
4. vintage tees
5. trendy sneakers
6. skinny/flared/straight jeans
7. lots of belts
8. lacoste/RL polo
9. duffel bag
10. seersucker
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here's mine

1. blue shirt with cutaway collar and French cuffs
2. 2-buttons charcoal suit
3. black EG's on the 82 last (conservative model)
4. silver cufflinks
5. navy and red tie
6. striped blue, oxford button-down shirt
7. beige pants
8. suede loafers
9. navy cashmere sweater
10. Barbour
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Only 10 essentials ? What sort of communist pariah state is this?

Well, I'll start listing and stop at ten, but it's really, really difficult -

Navy chalkstripe suit
Chestnut monkstraps
Black semi-brogues
White linen pocket squares
Liberty pattern ties
Ivory shirt
Nice cufflinks in a good metal
Navy cashmere overcoat
Silk scarf in interesting (eg paisley) pattern
Good quality leather belt with silver buckle

Damn, ten already and only one outfit almost completed. This is too hard!
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How about 10 essentials I don't have:

1. A dark navy double breasted suite.
2. Bespoke shoes
3. Bespoke tuxedo
4. A wide selection of cufflinks
5. A wide selection of sevenfold ties
6. Vintage pocketwatch
7. A good Panama hat
8. White buckskin wingtips
9. good gloves
10. Camel hair coat
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