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beer, lovely beer

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i love beer. i like wine and i like scotch and i like gin and vodka...but i love beer. without further ado here are some beers i have been drinking recently:

westmalle dubbel - now to totally contradict the opening of this thread, this stuff was pretty fucking nasty. at 7% abv it is on the strong side, but i had enjoyed duvel and kwak in the past (i'll post notes when i buy again) so i thought i'd get along fine with this sultry belgian filly. it tastes of half flat watered down chocolatey puddle water, a nothing foretaste with a faintly sickly bitter caramel aftertaste. it remeinded me of cheap english bitter, and call me a traitor to queen, country and flag, but british beer is crap. so moving swiftly on i cracked this:

pilsner urquell - just look at the colour! a deep seductive clean amber, i swear zues used this stuff to wash down the ambrosia. the bubbles are sharp and crisp, it is bone dry and his a deep hoppy aftertaste, you can tell there are no chemicals or superfluous ingredients, it is the beer equivalent of a pared down sports car, a liquid porsche 550. because it is so strong in flavour i stuck this in the freezer and chilled it right down, refreshing ice cold beer with a lovely taste. there is a flip side to this though; i have tried urquell when straight out of a crappy pub fridge and when not cold enough it is a little cloying. at only 4.4% you can drink a ton of this stuff and not want to go out and hurl furniture at german police as well, if this was the only beer they sold in the UK i would be a happy man. one more before the mrs comes home ("why the hell haven't you done the washing up? now turn 'who wants to be a millionaire' off and what the fuck are you doing taking photos of your fucking beer you freak?! etc etc" domestic bliss):

this is a local supermarket own brand (the co-op) but as it says on the label is brewed in bavaria, and that mean reinheitsgebot, which means german purity law, which means minimal hangover, which means i would happily learn and speak ze deutsch in the UK if our government would pass a simmilar law over here. so, a bavarian weizen bier, nicely fizzy and zesty but it does lack some of the subtlety of the branded names. the colour is somewhat unfortunately reminiscent of a human waste product after a nasty UTI (or so i'd imagine) and it leaves a fairly strong aftertaste. standard erdinger is definitely nicer, much more delicate and creamy, but for £1.35 the co-op stuff isn't bad at all is one of my regular drinks.

recently i have also had a couple of kristallweisse beers and a lovely ukrainian unashamed copy of the bavarian heffeweizen style - no pictures though so no reviews, but there will be more to come. what beers do other SF'ers drink?
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beer really is my favorite thing to consume, bar none. I try to avoid beers that have been packaged, when I can, and I lean more towards darker beers in the winter, and wheat beers in the summer.
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Excellent! Funnily enough I was going to grab one of the Westmalle last night... grabbed a Speckled Hen instead (english artisanal ale). Was ok, had some hints of coriander-like soapiness and a reasonable bouquet but not too memorable.
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I'm a hop-head. I can hardly even taste anything under 50 IBU's. I'll dabble in the Belgians a bit but I always end up with an IPA. I love Three Floyd's Alpha King.

I have several great beer bars in my general vicinity, one of my favorites is the Map Room.


My local liquor store has an outstanding selection of beer as well.

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What about Pabst, Blue Ribbon
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Originally Posted by javyn
What about Pabst, Blue Ribbon

Ugh. Rob Walker's worst moment was his NYT Magazine article about that swill.
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