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Tie experts

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As my wife was dragging me around shopping yesterday, I made my first trip into a Jos. A. Banks.  Mostly out of curiosity because of the post a couple weeks ago where one member was highly praising the quality/value of their suits. (I don't see it, just my opinion) In any event, their top tie line appears to be a seven-fold.  They sell for $69 and seemed pretty decent.  Anyone know if there are any telltale signs of how to tell if they are true seven folds without doing anything that would make the sales staff angry?
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Maybe this will help.
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This is a good question. I have no answer, but will ramble nonetheless. I noticed the self-tipped Jos Bank ties, and assumed them to be just that, self-tipped but otherwise normal Jos ties. Presumably this would be done to simulate value. At $70, why not just pay a few bucks more and buy a Carlo Franco? Belk's, a lower end department store also has a line of self-tipped ties for $20 on sale(which occurs often). They even put them in boxes that look very similar to the Talbott box.
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