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Originally Posted by Kill_switch View Post
rofl reminds me of this kid on sz who posted his measurements in a b/s thread "as reference", was 6'3 and 105 pounds.

Jesus. I'm not even sure if that's humanly possibly. At least not without inducing starvation, moderate to severe atrophy of bone mass, organ mass, and connective tissue, and possible organ failure.

Some folks on these boards really gotta eat.
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Originally Posted by aizan View Post
the last time i weighed myself was years ago, but today i stepped on a scale and was upset to learn that my weight has gone down. i thought i was 125 lbs, but now i'm 115. i double checked the scale with rusty barbell weights (no kidding) and it checks out. i'm 5'8¾'', so that's way too low!

have you ever gotten into rock climbing? seriously those dudes are very thin but incredibly strong. eventually when they fill out later in their 30's they look great.

its almost a shame to have that kind of perfect body composition for a sport and not do it.

if anything a sport like rock climbing will build up the intrinsic muscles that aren't superfluous and will give you strength beyond strength. if you have that kind of body type don't fight it and just get stronger. at least you can eat whatever you want and not have to worry about getting fat. eventually in you're 30's-40's the man weight will come.

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Your story resembles mine, except it was a mild intestinal flu that took me from 125 to 118. I think I started weight lifting in March or June of last year and I am currently approaching 150 lbs.

For reference, I still wear the vast majority of the same clothing I did before. Only the tightest pants I had at 125 no longer fit because of increasing the size of my thighs an inch. The weight gain isn't so much from getting a lot bigger, but from changing fat to muscle (especially in the thigh and glute region).

My strength goals that I set for myself when I began this have not been met, so I am not entirely sure where I will be when I am done. When I wake up in the morning, I take a peak in the mirror and have never not seen definition in my ab region, so I'm confident that I'm not putting on too much fat. If I ever do get blurry, I can easily drop the whole milk I drink to help maintain my total calories.

I would suggest reading Stronglifts.com, buying Starting Strength off Amazon, and reading an article on tmuscle.com every couple days.

This is a LONG road. I have made MANY mistakes along the way (I still am). You need to be aware of what your goals are and adjust your training and diet accordingly. You also need to be patient. You can consider 6 weeks to be a reasonable span of time to see changes in your physique due to diet or exercise.

Weight lifting makes me feel very, very good.
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i kinda like that idea. the local ymca does have a rock climbing wall, and there must be some good climbing spots i can get to on the weekends. as far as not wanting to get fat is concerned, isn't that normal? everything i've read says that it's much easier to put on fat than it is to gain muscle. "skinny fat" is the more likely outcome for me than all out obesity, if i can't turn enough of those calories into lean muscle mass. edit: thanks for your post db! it's very encouraging.
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Not wanting to get fat is perfectly normal. Not wanting to get fat when you're nowhere near fat is not normal. It's not like you're going to suddenly get fat. If you lift and eat a lot, you will gain some body fat. If you watch what you eat, though, and not pig out on value meals at Burger King, you should be fine. Sure, there have been many guys that have failed at bulking up but that's usually due to poor diet and lack of patience. You are in a great position to start. Find an online calculator that will calculate your BMR. I'm guessing that it's somewhere around 1500 calories. Figure out what kind of exercise you plan on getting into and increase your calories accordingly. Start with 2000 calories to see if that works and then adjust accordingly.
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post
research "GOMAD" in google

And then research "Bovine growth hormones"
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OP- Yes, you should probably put on weight, but you need a plan that is unlikely to come from styleforum
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Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard View Post
Jesus. I'm not even sure if that's humanly possibly. At least not without inducing starvation, moderate to severe atrophy of bone mass, organ mass, and connective tissue, and possible organ failure.

Some folks on these boards really gotta eat.
yeah, fairly sure he did the opposite of this kid to try to fit into clothes.
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I like to climb things and this will give you an idea on how you need to train etc. Currently I'm getting myself prepared to do a 3.3 to 5.12 mountain climb. I'll be working out for the next year for this climb.

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Originally Posted by aizan View Post
how much muscle mass can i reasonably expect to add per week? remember, muscle only. i don't need more fat, which i hear is pretty easy to do...

From http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_a..._about_bulking

Under the best possible circumstances (perfect diet, training, supplementation, and recovery strategies) the average male body can manufacture between 0.25 and 0.5 pounds of dry muscle tissue per week. That is the amount your natural body chemistry will allow you to build. So we're talking about around one or two pounds per month. It may not sound like much, but that can add up to twelve to twenty pounds over one year of training.
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thanks for the useful information crane's and overdog!
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McDonalds and Pizza!
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d00d seriously eat and lift. wont take that long at your stats
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There's absolutely nothing wrong with training for aesthetics. My stats were similar before I started lifting (a little taller, low 120s). You'll use more energy so eat more. Evaluate every 2 weeks or so - bod pod, pictures to compare, whatever - if you're legit worried about getting fat. Honeslty though, if you're working hard and not eating shit, then don't worry. Good luck.
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Even 140lbs would be skinny at your height. I'm no expert, but if I were your size I wouldn't be too fussy about what I ate, beyond making sure there was plenty of quality protein and nutrients in there somewhere. A few burgers and fries, provided you do some kind of muscle-building exercise to prevent it just becoming body fat, will do no harm in the short term.

+1 on the climbing. I know a guy who is really into rock climbing, and he can do seemingly endless reps of pull-ups / chin-ups hanging only by his fingertips on a doorframe, where the ledge is less than 1/2 inch wide. His ability to lift and control his own bodyweight is very impressive, and his cardio / stamina similarly so.
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