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Hi styleforum! This is my first post, but I have been lurking here and learning a lot for a while. I am in the market for a quality leather jacket, and I hope some of you could help me out. I really like the look of a lighter brown/ caramel color distressed leather jacket. I think if done right, there is a lot of "depth" in the leather that I like. Additionally, I do not like shine on a lot of leather jackets I have seen online. Would this "shine" fade with wear? I would prefer something near matte. Something very close to what I like is here (maybe a bit slimmer cut):

But, I found the same jacket on eBay
( ) and it seem to be lighter and shinier than I would like in those pics.

Schott has something close, but I think is too dark for what I'm looking for. Also, a little too motorcycle inspired for me:

Additionally, I have looked at Aero jackets and while they are very nice, they are just too expensive. I would hope to spend around $400, maybe $500 but I would have to be sure it would last a decade or two. Aeros seem to be $700 or more. Plus, they all seem to be shiny. Like this one:

I love the depth in the leather, but would like a little less shine. $700 or more seems crazy to spend on a leather jacket; but if I can be convinced that it will last me to retirement I might reconsider.

I know I am being picky, but perhaps someone knows of other brands in my price range worth looking at.

Thanks so much,