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Originally Posted by LabelKing
With a double-edged razor, you have to shave twice in order to get the closeness. Afterwards some like to use an eletric razor as a once-over.

i do this when i shave with a disposable razor (slim twin), but not when i use the DE.

i'm not overly concerned with closeness though, i just care that my difficult hairs get mowed down to the same level as the rest.
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Tough-ass facial hair, three passes: with, diagonal to, against the grain. If I'm pressed for time I'll do two and skip the diagonal pass. Closer than M3 and less irritation, but much slower and more attention-demanding. Especially shines just to the left and right of my Adam's apple, which gets irritated by sweat throughout the day if I don't get a close shave.

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im a DE user as well - just bought the 6 setting Merkur one (not sure the model name) and do 2-3 passes as well. Sometimes wonder how smooth I would get if I put in the same time and effort with the Mach 3 though... Ive never bothered shaving myself three times with the M3, wonder if it would do the same job as the DE if I did.
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I was going through and looking at older posts.

One forum member was asking about wetshaving videos. Here's some links to some real popular ones:

Shaveblog's Corey Greenberg on NBC's Today Show

Introduction to Single Blade Shaving

Introduction to Traditional Wetshaving, Part 1: Concepts

Introduction to Traditional Wetshaving, Part 2: Lathering

Introduction to Traditional Wetshaving, Part 3: Shaving

These are well done, enjoyable and each episode doesn't last too long but is loaded with good information for a newbie looking into wetshaving.

And if you are REALLY daring . . . Straight Razor shaving demo

Hope this is what some of you were looking for.
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Thank you for posting those links. I am waiting for my first safety razor to arrive, a Merkur HD. Nice to have something to refer to before I start slashing away at my face with a double-edged razor. Welcome to the forum!
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ddml, first jeans, then shoes, now shaving. just when i thought there wasn't another thing to geek out on (honorable mentions: speakers, headphones, wines).
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hahahaha Audiophile stereo: Check Wino: Check Incidentally, I just got my Merkur HD, C&E best badger brush, and stand in the mail today. Now I'm just waiting for the shaving creams and junk to arrive. I can't wait to mutilate myself beyond recognition.
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DDML - If you ever wanna trade some samples (blades/creams/colognes) I have tons....I have been on Badger & Blade for a few months and have got a load of stuff off of there. I have a bunch of Merkur and Derby blades, cologne samples by Creed, T&H, Trumper, T&H, etc. and creams by the Three T's, C&E, Proraso etc. as well......good luck with your first shave!
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Trade sounds good. Of course, I have nothing to trade yet! It sounds like you are sticking with it. It sounds like you didn't have a great start??? Have you tried Feathers??? I'm starting with a Merkur blade as it seems to be the standard bearer. Will be PMing you soon, so prepare yourself!
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Originally Posted by Renault78law
Count me in the camp that thinks DE is all hype. I actually enjoy shaving with it, but think the mach 3 is the best in terms of a consistent shave. Think about this, at on point in time, shaving with a DE razor was the only option available. When double-bladed razors hit the market, most men dumped their DE in favor of the newer technology. I have to believe it was for good reason. Then comparing double-bladed razors to triple-bladed, I can personally attest to it working better. Like most men, I tried both, and went with whichever was better for my needs.

In my opinion, for your daily razor, shave with as many blades as you can get away with, meaning without irritation. Of course, if you enjoy the art of shaving or have the time, by all means, go with the DE. Except for weekends, it's not for me.
I'm with you. I do enjoy using the DE, but one of the 3 or 4 blade schick's seems to give me at least as good a shave, in much less time. It does sound like people with tough beards may get a marginal benefit from a DE. Mine is, I think, not so tough, and it grows in fairly sparsely and slowly (testosterone-deficient, I suppose ). I've found that I get a much better shave (by whatever method) in terms of both closeness and comfort if I go a day in-between without shaving, but unfortunately I get just enough growth in a day to look a bit unprofessional. A friend at work has similar beard growth but has very fair, fine hair so he can get away with the every-other-day thing. Bastard.
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Well, I've given up on DE shaving. It takes way too long and the shave is no better than the shave I get with my Mach III. I have, however, found the badger brush to be indispensible. I think it saves time, saves money (because you end up using less shaving cream), and allows for a better shave.
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I have given up on the DE for now as well. I went back to generic Sensors and have gotten a faster shave that's about as good. And I cut myself slightly less often, though the cuts hurt and bleed more.
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This is not boding well.
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I just browsed through and was shocked to see that some people pay $150+ for a shaving brush!
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thanks guys, shaving won't be something i'll get into for now. thanks for saving me the time and $$$!
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