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I use Kaspersky. The finest russky anti-virus software available. I don't trust Norton or MacAfee. I know who runs those companies and what they will do for money. They propogate viruses and malware to drive demand for their own products. They've been doing it since the 80's when they sold their code to the Chinese government, who at the time had the largest computer virus programming plant and electronic espionage department in the world.
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KAV was a damn fine antivirus, and what I used for Win98. I think it was called AVP back then. Once Win2000 came out, KAV made my OS crap itself and boot down. Since then I've been using Nod, which I really like. It has excellent heuristics and, totalling 9 megs, I know it's not going to bog me down. The only drawback is that it costs a bit more than the other ones out there. Back when I used to care enough to check, Kaspersky and Nod32 were the only antiviruses out there to consistently win the VB100 award. Ditto on Norton and McAffee though. Whether they propogate viruses, I don't know...but the fact that their antivirus/firewalls take up SO much ram should be a turnoff to anyone right there. That type of application should not take up a whole cd, something is wrong. Still, nothing beats Norton Systemworks for nightmarish waste of resources. Installing that on your machine is like downgrading your computer 2 generations or so.
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I run FF on both my PC and my Mac
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Firefox and Opera, for Mac and Windows. I Like saved sessions.
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Safari. Firefox is just too un-Mac like, both in interface and OS integration, for my taste. Camino is great, but it doesn't seem to have any features that Safari lacks. And Safari is faster than both.
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I use Opera.
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Why Preppy? I used Opera, but admit I didn't spend nearly enough time with it probably.
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Originally Posted by javyn
Why Preppy? I used Opera, but admit I didn't spend nearly enough time with it probably.

Maybe this will give you a better understanding on what Opera offers

I went from IE to FireFox to Netscape then Opera. Personally, I would take Netscape 7.2 over FireFox. I just did not have a good experience with FireFox

Installing plugins upon plugins became a chore, and, it took too long to start.

EDIT: After reading your issues, Opera would probably be your best bet. It has an option to disable all images on the offending page, while not disturbing the other pages. You can also copy image address,
"paste and go." It also works very well on old computers that have very
little RAM.
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You can adjust the config file (about:config I think) or get an extension to do it for you to speed up FF. I used the extension then uninstalled it once it saved the changes. Most extensions are total crap though, I agree there.

I keep mouse gestures, tabbrowser prefs, adblock + filter updater...thats about it. Oh and a tiny one so I can change the size of the searchbar heh.
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javyn: I don't find the skins, nor the extensions in FF slow me down.

preppy boy: I think I'll switch to Opera. Just because of your great avatar!
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The biggestproblem with Opera is that it doesn't run some websites properly. Yoox, for example.
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Originally Posted by bachbeet

preppy boy: I think I'll switch to Opera. Just because of your great avatar!

I actually, removed a good portion of the color to give it a more silhouette look.

Been using different photos of her, when I would participate in the style section on the Men's Health Boards. Although, I haven't been over there for maybe 2 years now.


Maybe you can explain what's not operating properly on yoox's website?

It functions fine for me.
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OPERA FTW!!! (Just upgraded to 9)
It's just a superior browser.
For starters it has all the extensions I downloaded on FF built right into it
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