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Your web browser

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So has everyone made the transition from IE over to Firefox yet? Anyone getting fed up with Firefox right now, besides myself? Seems like with each newer version of FF, it gets slower and crashier. I am trying to determine whether to keep using FF or use Maxthon as my default. Maxthon has some great plusses, like "super drag & drop" that Firefox lacks. Still, I am used to FF now, and I know it sounds nitpicky, but being able to right click on an image and copy that image's location to the clipboard or view the image in a new tab is a necessary feature for me now, and I think is a dealbreaker for other browsers that lack it. Score one for Firefox there. (Maxthon's context menu SUCKS) I still must give mad props to Maxthon though. For being made by 1 Chinese guy in his basement, the browser is VERY impressive. Also, what are your favorite extensions/plugins? Any opinions on what the best RSS Feed plugin for FF is?
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Netscape can run like IE or Firefox.

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You've got to be kidding? Where's Safari in your poll? This is, after all, a forum about style.
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I hate IE, and Safari just operates too weirdly for me. It may be faster at loading content, but it's not as smooth. +1 for Firefox for me. Camino is cool as well but lacks some features I like about FF.
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I use Firefox on my Windows machine and Camino on my Mac. My computer at work runs IE, but that doesn't count because if they let me download Firefox the IE would be toast.
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What the hell is Safari? edit: nevermind, you Mac people don't count....because I don't have one, and this is my poll, bwahahaha (If you have to vote for something though, pick lynx.)
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IE works fine for me.. keep it updated, and it is fine. Firefox has been letting popups through lately, but I still use it for tabbed browsing and leeching photos off of sites, etc., since it works better for some things like that. I like the keyboard shortcutability of it.

I usually have at least 4 up to 12+ browser windows at all times, because I am kind of ADD and flip back and forth constantly. My left Alt button is all shiny. Wanna go ride bikes?
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Try out Maxthon, j. It is a 5 megabyte shell that sits on top of IE that gives you all of the Firefox features...popup blocking, adblock, mouse gestures, tabbed browsing, etc.
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Still using IE
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+1 on Firefox
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Still using IE
OMG you are browsing in the Dark Age
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I've been using IE 7 since the beta came out and it works fine. Has the tabbed browsing feature that FF does. I use both about equally. I give FF a nod though because of all the skins one can apply. IE 7 will probably have that feature once it's generally available.
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Do you find the skins to slow the browser down any? It seemed to me they kinda bog me down. I also am hesitant to add too many extensions, keeping it down to the necessities. It seems extensions cause the memory leaks, or that is the excuse they give on the support forums as to why Firefox is using 200 megs of ram after being closed for 20 minutes.
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Firefox. My dad has this propensity for F'ing up my computer. He clicks on all the popups to see where they go and etc. Dummy. My life has gotten much, much easier since I firewalled IE from accessing the internet and deleted the shortcut from my desktop.
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With parents, a good antivirus is absolutely necessary. I like Nod32
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