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Thanks for the reminder Ed
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It still cracks me up to hear the coach from Home Movies as Archer. That guy is always cast perfectly.
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Favorite Quotes:

"Shoot!!!Shoot bitch!!! Democracy's at stake!!!"-Archer

Archer: Oh my god you killed a hooker.

Zehril: But you said she was a call girl.

Archer: No, when their dead their hookers.
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Can't wait! Just started and completed season 1, twice, during the holiday break. Hilarious. Mallory: Yes good. And for God's sake, take a shower. It smells like a whore house in here. Archer: OK, your own fingers. --- Archer: Hi, I'm a huge fan of cock, and my name is (uses voice recorder) Cyril Figgis --- Ramon: And just why is that so funny. Archer: Not that... Woodhouse! He's all tied up somewhere. Scared and alone.
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This Thursday, 10PM.

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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post
This Thursday, 10PM.


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It's back!!
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On the way as we speak.
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Just saw it. Awesome.
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saw it and lol'd throughout.
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Season premiere DELIVERED.
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great episode, rather disappointed that they took off streaming for season 1 on netflix
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God damn that was funny. "Probably immigrants, in their low-riders, here for the free health care, and.....snow."
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lol "We've actually got a lot in common Archer" "I wasn't talking about me!"
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Solid episode, can't wait for the next.
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