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Did you guys see last night's episode?

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Pam is slowly becoming hot
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Pam is starting to fill the old Archer role, creating situations by being dangerously incompetent.
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Pam is slowly becoming hot

slowly? I think it happened all of a sudden, actually.
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I'm just gonna say it. This season isn't doing it for me. I really thought the Archer Vice concept was going to be be awesome, but it has completely fallen flat. The fact that the last episode was a Smokey and the Bandit parody that managed to not be particularly funny makes me wonder if the show's ever going to be awesome again.

Last season was pretty meh, too, so it's kind of becoming a trend.
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I honestly rather like this season. I like the Miami vice concept, jokes are pretty funny, and characters have new dimensions to then.

I guess juvenile jokes appeal to me. I think I'm too young to have gotten the smoky and bandit reference
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This season isn't bad, but I'm just not nearly as amused by it as I was seasons 1-3. Those first few seasons were enough to draw me in, and I don't know if I'd have started watching if this season or last had been the first one I saw.

I think the Archer Vice concept really is sound, but they're not really pulling it off like I hoped.

The whole "Southbound and Down" episode was an homage to Smokey and the Bandit. Similar premise and all, including the Trans Am and Archer's whole appearance. In fact, the theme song to Smokey is "Eastbound and Down," which is where they got the title, and it's the song Cherlene sang at the end.

I don't think you have to have caught all the references for it to be funny, but they usually do such a great job when Burt Reynolds is the source material that I had high hopes for this week's episode. The swamp episode where they talked about Gator constantly was hilarious, and I recall the one where Burt Reynolds guest starred being pretty solid, too. This week's, however, wasn't even close to as good as the Gator one, and I'm pretty sure it didn't match the guest-star episode, either.
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I've enjoyed each episode, but it does feel like they're building up to the season actually starting. They're working on rebuilding roles for the characters but it's taking awhile. Season 1 suffered a bit from this, but they clearly defined the agency, Archer, Malory, and Lana enough that it didn't matter. Now, the whole setup and a lot of the characters are in flux.

I think they're doing something very interesting with the huge swing in setting. The spy agency thing was getting cumbersome, especially with the increasing focus on Archer's incompetence vs badass status. Now they're just straight up in Gonzo territory, so they can do whatever. Using stuff like the coke to rewrite Pam and the mindchip for Cheryl/Cherlene gives them carte blanc to just take it wherever they want. Hopefully it tightens up a bit, because I see promise.
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Still love the show, but I feel that they should tone down the incompetence. It justvseems like they are failing every episode.
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Originally Posted by Roscius View Post

Still love the show, but I feel that they should tone down the incompetence. It justvseems like they are failing every episode.

Yeah, part of the fun was the shifts from bungling to badass. Now it's 95% bungling, from everyone (except Cyril, oddly). Hasn't every episode this season ended with them getting screwed? The FBI, the guys in Miami, the Yakuza, the crooked cops?
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Well, I can't imagine even this show would have the nads to become a wacky comedy about a bunch of wealthy and successful coke dealers.

This past episode was particularly short on laughs. "Pull over, Cyril." "Don't you dare pull over cyril". "Make up your minds, gaaah", thats like Gilligans Island level funny.
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This past episode was excellent.
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The last couple episodes have had archer back to being functional again. Its fine that they are reinventing characters to keep things interesting (and I do think that it is actually a good thing for the longevity of the show), but having archer be so terrible was not funny.

I can't tell if they had planned that all along or if they are acknowledging that they screwed up a bit considering there were several comments in the episode about if archer was being intentionally bad at selling coke and about why archer's disregard for himself makes him so good at what he does (it seems that way, but I don't know how far ahead their production schedule is running...these may have been written and recorded before episode 3 was even published).
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Just watched the most recent episode. It was indeed excellent. The one before it was solid, too. Maybe the reboot is finally hitting its stride.

And, yeah, I like the fact that Archer is back to being a badass. It's one thing to tinker with the characters, but making Archer completely inept was just a terrible idea.
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