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Only a couple of weeks to go.


September 15th, Season 4.



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I have never been as happy as I am right now
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Lies. All lies. No new season yet...
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I only saw one or two eps in season 1....does this show actually get funny as it goes on?

I just keep expecting something of Frisky Dingo quality, then turn it on and I'm immediately disappointed. I'll just stick with Bob's Burgers I guess.
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Been a while since I watched it, but I enjoyed it from ep 1.


Speaking of Bob's Burgers, they're doing a cross-over episode with Archer in S4 I believe.

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I like Frisky Dingo but Archer is miles ahead of it IMO.
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Really? I'll give it another try then.
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I will say that while the first season is really funny to me, it really hits the high points in the second season. But you should watch all of the episodes because so much of the humor comes from callbacks.
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WTF is going on with Season 4?
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Last I read, jan '13
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To get us all in the mood for Thursday, here's Archer with H Jon Benjamin's face:


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that was fucking hilarious
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"I'm not going to Barneys for boys!"


"It's still Barneys... and you get a lollipop."

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