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I miss FX so much.
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I'm pissed at this season. One of the reasons I fell for this show is the pure indiscriminant debauchery that Archer partook in. He acted impulsively and without regard for consequences, of which there were few to none. This season, he just seems... less badass. It seems he's feeling regret, seeing consequences, and drinking too much ( really? a career alcoholic?).
Case in point, when he went on a rampage and pretty much dismantled the Irish mob (drunk, high, and riddle with the after affects of Chemo), now he can't hold his own against the Yakuza after a few scotches on his birthday?
I'll keep watching, simply because I hope against hope that he'll rebound in this last episode, but I think we need to get back to what made him the man.... Just being Archer.

Now that I'm down from my little soapbox, anyone know if they'll even do a 4th season? I had heard that they only renewed for a third.
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Come on, how awesome was that episode? "Jesus gurl, you're like a dog in a station wagon."
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The Danger Zone!



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I think Lana has the preggers.


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Definately the Archer of old this last one. Much better.
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would you say we'd be venturing into a zone of danger? no well, how would you phrase that?

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Loving all the Aliens references. M41A pulse rifle! Was hoping they'd reuse the sounds from Aliens.
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The 'Animal Farm' reference was funny as hell, so is whorediot.

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You guys don't wear Tee shirts under these? ... If feels like I'm wrapped in a vagina...
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Is it wrong to be slightly aroused by Lana in her thong? shog[1].gifshog[1].gif
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No. Never be ashamed of cartoon lovin
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Just tell yourself, at least it's not Pam you're lusting after.

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The creator of the show says that Lana was based on a stewardess who used to work for Delta out of Atlanta. You can tell the artists have a lot of fun drawing her.

And when you add the fact that Aisha Tyler (aka dream girl) does her voice, well, yeah, she's the hottest woman on tv right now even with the handicap of not being real.
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Originally Posted by gort View Post

Loving all the Aliens references. M41A pulse rifle! Was hoping they'd reuse the sounds from Aliens.

Very strong episode all around. I think it's the best one since the Heart of Archness three-parter.
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