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I kept on hearing people talk up Frisky Dingo. So I decided to check it out. Turns out I've been watching it for years..... Once every few months I caught it during my late night TV sessions. It must have happened a dozen times or more, I would turn on the TV late at night, it'd be in the midst of an episode, and I would absolutely love. I just never bothered to get the name or showing time. So glad I found out what it was.

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"And whatever my equivalent of sploosh is.... which I guess is just sploosh..... only with seman."
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This made my day.
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Minor spoilers for next season, about guest-stars:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

"It’s probably dumb to talk about the season finale of a show that hasn’t even premiered yet, but: BRYAN CRANSTON WILL GUEST STAR ON “ARCHER” AS AN ASTRONAUT FOR THE SHOW’S TWO-PART FINALE. I’ve been waiting my whole life to say that sentence (I had a very specific childhood, thank you very much)."


“Michael Rooker of “The Walking Dead” will guest in another upcoming episode as a corrupt sheriff.”



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Season premier tonight!
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So happy to have Archer back on!
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Ok, that was hilarious.
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Drown a toddler lol.
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Yes, right in the head and ass!


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Where can I watch season 2 online? How about season 3?
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There is a pack of the first 3 S03 eps on ISO Hunt.
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Thank you.
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Originally Posted by Reggs View Post

There is a pack of the first 3 S03 eps on ISO Hunt.

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