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My new favorite show. Unfortunately for the rest of you, my "new favorite show" usually lasts at most, two seasons and is then cancelled due to poor ratings.

I heard on a podcast with someone involved in the show that it got the best debut ratings for any fx show. Now obviously that is a very narrow category but it seems to be doing well (for fx that is)
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FX has been on fire lately. I really liked Testees also. I wonder if that show will be coming back?
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Really good show. I love it. I like dingo better but this has more of a fluid plot. Having said that, the last show, the one about the air ship, was actually not that good.
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Picked up for another season, nice. I've only had a chance to watch it on Hulu, but Diversity Hire was pretty damn funny.
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I love this show. I haven't really heard anyone else talk about it, so I was afraid I was the only one. I did read recently that it was picked up for a second season.

"Don't they know you're in the *danger zone*"
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LOS ANGELES, February 22, 2010 – FX has given the go ahead for a second season of its critically acclaimed animated series Archer, announced Nick Grad, Executive Vice President of Original Programming, FX Networks. The network increased the episode order to 13 for season two, which is scheduled to debut in 2011.
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It is funny.
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I vote Asian chick!
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"That chick was the Pele of anal."
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"That was rhetorical."
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This show is incredible. Free bump.

Originally Posted by Baron View Post
"just the tip"

How was I supposed you to know you're lactose intolerant?
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Originally Posted by Jekyll View Post

No new shows until 2011?! That's some piss in my fucking cornflakes.
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Dammit. I'm surprised though they didn't want to churn out a new season relatively quickly to capitalize on the success. Maybe have FX buy the rights to Frisky Dingo (if that's possible) and air those 2seasons over the next few months along followed by archer first season leading to the new one. Would keep the momentum going it seems. Definitely disappointed i have to wait a year now
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Disappointed here too, but I feel like it might all be for the best. Episodes this season were noticeably uneven; maybe some extra time off would help come up with some more cohesive ideas, e.g. the early dinner party episode with Torvald Whatever and the second half of the season finale. I didn't know it was the finale at the time, lol (bummer), and the 1st half was great, but I can't say it went anywhere I appreciated. Overall, though, great show with so much promise.
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