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the JP wool flannel and tweed are as slim as the tailored JP twill. C
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What about the wool ones. Do they fit the same or are they a bit looser / tighter due to the fabric?
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The F/W new arrivals look awesome especially that hunting vest. I recently became a huge fan after buying a pair of the greasers this summer. Keep up the awesome work. Also, are there any plans for some new shirt options?

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what weight is the new Cone brown duck?
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thanks! Shirting has been very difficult everyone is using the same Mills and is getting repetitive. Not to mention Gitman kind of locked down the market and since they own their factory they can offer cheaper pricing. On the other hand I am doing a chain stitch work shirt made in America. Many of the Japanese ones don't fit American bodies. I did the armhole chain stitch as well so it will be as good if not better then the Japanese work shirts. I am delivering this January. The brown White Oak feels a little thinner then the indigo so maybe 11 oz. thanks, Christian
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15% off everything at for black friday weekend. Code is LFBF15. Hope everyone had a nice quiet Thanksgiving. Christian
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Thanks for the Black Friday code! Just ordered my 1st 2 pairs of Left Field Chinos, they look great, excited to get them. Happy Thanksgiving!
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How much shrink can I expect from the Canvas Miner Chino?
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Originally Posted by scb View Post

How much shrink can I expect from the Canvas Miner Chino?

probably very little if you hang dry it. both my white oak miner chinos shrank only a bit after washes and quickly stretched back to where they were before wash. that being said, both stretched a bit from new after a few wears.
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Thanks. Looks like I need to exchange for a smaller size
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Got some tailored fits from BiG for the red cross sale, so tight in the seat frown.gif

Took same size as miner ones as I have a bit of room in the 34s
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Man, that indigo dyed loop Terry sweatshirt on the website looks sick.

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What's your experience with the brown Cone duck tailored chinos with regard to the thighs.

How much will they stretch with wear?

I found that with most other pants I got quite some stretch in the waist but hardly any in the thighs.


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Most pants in general don't stretch in the thighs, the waist stretches due to the constant pressure. Not to mention if you are worried about thigh size, size up at least one.

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most *non-denim* pants that is.

But yes, the duck canvas does not have that much stretch.
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