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hello--just joined the forum--i cannot wait to particpate--i have a men's store in birmingham, michigan so i cannot wait to share and learn. our store just launched our website if anyone wants to check it out

(we focus the store on indie labels: apc, rogan, engineered garments, spruce...)
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I've moved your post to Streetwear, where it will get more interested traffic.

Welcome to the forum. And thank you for not pretending to be someone who "just found this cool website dudes" or something. We appreciate honesty.
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nice website. I like the selection. Nice to see some Troglodyte Homonculus online.. that's a very cool label. Where's your spruce? I couldn't find it.
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Welcome. Beleive it or not, but your shop has been mentioned here before, although those posts may have been lost in what we call "The Crash". Nice selection of brands, but I am biased. Your shop seems to resemble Odin NYC or Scout L.A., both of which I like.
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i too would like to see some spruce on your site!
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i am nominating you for best topic title in a post for 2006.
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I like the website, it's easy to get around and looks really slick. Welcome!
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The apc ran away and cannot be found.
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Cool site. I love the downtown Birmingham area, used to go wander around and shop there when I lived in Michigan.
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Originally Posted by sygyzy
i am nominating you for best topic title in a post for 2006.
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ah, when i get home i'll be able to get spruce, cool. no need to buy it while i'm in japan anymore haha.
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Hey there!
Glad to see you on styleforum. You should also check out superfuture (if you haven't yet).
I'm looking forward to seeing you once I'm back in Michigan.
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i believe briancl and myself mentioned peasant and had a chat about it here when it first opened and was first mentioned in the detroit media

the husband/wife owners seem like nice people
please buy from them
this way i can be selfishly assured of the survival of a "local" option and source for cool clothing
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Right on..

I just noticed that this poster was the Peasant shop located in Metro Detroit. I think they opened about 12 months ago, and I would say they have really gone against the grain (in terms of local style). I'm glad to see they have continued to add quality clothes.

Do not hesitate to do business with this shop. They are top notch.
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thank you for the nice words everyone--we are sure trying.
i had apc, spruce, rogues, eng garments... items photographed on wednesday so they should be available sometime next week on the site.
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