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Mason Pants

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Can anyone tell me how Mason Khaki's fit? I'm looking at a pair online, and the sizes range from 46 to 56. I assume these are European pants sizes. After looking at the size conversion on the retailer's website, I am still unsure of what size to get. 46 = small (not helpful).

I typically where 29/32 or 30/32 in pants.

Thanks in advance.
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I have half-dozen pairs of Mason pants and would call them a regular fit and not a slim fit. A Euro 54 pant would be an American 38 pant, Euro 46 -- American 30.
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Thanks! How do they compare to Dockers or Gap Khakis?
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I have 1/6th the experience of kittonbrioni in this regard, but my pair are slightly more fitted in the seat and thigh than a pair of Dockers or Gap/BR/JCrew khakis. The major difference in fit is that the Mason's have a MUCH lower rise (probably on the order of 3 inches difference).
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