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need advice second hand shoes

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Hi, I would like to ask the shoe experts some advice.

Im planning to buy some van Bommel's (Dutch upscale shoe maker), they're an older (ladies) model and not available at the stores anymore. Im a bit squeamish about used shoes but I really like this model and since they're in my size... Seller wants 40 euro's for them. They still have the original soles but they're not that clean anymore. Do you think they're worth the price she asks?
Thank you!

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Welcome. My monitor is not the greatest for judging exterior condition. However, if the wear on the outside would not deter you from wearing the boot, I think the fact that they are used ought not to. I find the amount of wear to the sole to be not that dramatic and the limited interior views seem to indicate all is fine. As a buyer of used shoes, I go by an ick factor, if the shoe does not look icky and is well maintained, I wuold take the plunge. Good luck.
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Aside from the aptly described ick factor, I'd ask for some more pictures. These are so blurry it's hard to make out the condition of the suede. As you noticed, the boots seems to have a good bit of dirt/spotting, and that might be difficult/impossible to remove, particularly in the medallion area.

Personally, I would not pay 40 euros for them ...
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