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That crayola jacket is NICE! Would kop right now if I weren't a poor small-time no-baller with christmas to work on. EDIT: Great photos, loved the attention to detail, both in Yuki's designs and in the photography. As rarely as it gets updated, I really do love the front page. If it weren't for the front page, I wouldn't have discovered Kin or Odyn Vovk. Thanks!
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HBC is the oldest commercial corporation in North America; their point blankets were originally traded for fur. I'm surprised that someone else so blatantly copied their trademark like that -- was this something that HBC was involved in and/or licensed?
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I wish this stuff fit me. But at 6'2" with a long torso it just doesn't work. I saw a fun blazer they did for fall with mixed military buttons and other features that would have been nice.
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These coats are fabulous gentlemen! And what a nice article and pics!
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whats the quality of monitaly footwear vs yuks?
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