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45rpm's Sorahiko Vs Pure Blue Japan's XX-003

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Hello everybody, didn't manage to search for a related thread, so thanks in advance for giving me your advises. You see, my sister will be going to Japan and I've asked her to get me a pair of either of the titled jeans. Only got cash for 1 of them ..... [] ..... So, which one should I go for? From pics, I think the cuts look similar, and I am looking for a straight (slightly slim, but not tapered) cut, so I think either should fit the bill. I am more concern which produces the better fabric, worksmanship and fades. Thanks guys.
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The question has in some regards been asked, and answered, in the first two posts on this page.

It has been stated elsewhere that some people feel that Pure Blue's current product is superior to R by 45rpm's current product.

I don't have the Pure Blue, but I do have a pair of Sorahikos, and if the PB is better, then you can't go wrong with either.

It comes down to whether you like more "bobbly" texture (Pure Blue) or softer, more understated denim (45rpm.)
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I've tried both on but only own the Sorahiko. It does come down to fit and personal preference. The 45rpm are more straight down drain-pipe. The XX-003 are slightly slimmer but still a relaxed fit (except across the crotch - I tried sizing up and still my boys were in hazardous conditions). I believe I've posted measurements of my Sorahikos on the Jeans Measurement Index thread, so check that out if you like. I personally prefer 45rpm's denim over the "bobbly" PBJ's, but I think the quality is equal.
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I do have the PBJ xx-003. The fit & cut are very nice and more modern compared with other japanese repros.
The fabric is "strange". It's like wearing a hairy wheat cracker - probably not everyones taste. I hope they will soften over time. I personally prefer a jeans which feels a lot softer like left-hand tweel Lees or my 1947 Sugarcanes.
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hey. noob here. what is the starting price on sorahikos in the us store? pbj?
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Sorahikos are $333 in NYC. PB & J, about two dollars, but that varies...
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[QUOTEPB & J, about two dollars, but that varies...[/quote]
lol i meant pure blue japan
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I don't knwo if Blue in Greene has the XX-003 yet, so not too sure what the US prices for them are. They are probably the only stockist outside of Japan though. Japanese price is 18,000 yen though, compared to 24,150 for the Sorahiko's in Japan.
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Thanks for all the valuable replies, guys. Looks like a though a tough choice for me. The nearest 45rpm store for me is in Taipei (Taiwan), but I'm in Singapore, so there ain't much help to at least have a feel at one of them. I lean towards the Sorahikos, but I'm wondering if I'm just going for the brand ......
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i have the sorahiko's. i like them a lot, but i kind of wish i had waited for the xx-003's instead
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Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife
Sorahikos are $333 in NYC. PB & J, about two dollars, but that varies...
I'll make you one for $0.95 shipped if you use the coupon code SFORUM80 on checkout.
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Throw in some fried snake and you've got a deal.
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btw, guys. it's "blue in green" not "blue in greene".

i know, i've screwed it up too because the store is on greene street.
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Just think Miles and you're set.
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Named after my favorite Miles song, they carry awesome denim, and the staff is friendly and helpful. It is a dangerous, dangerous place. And it's right next to the Cloak store, so if you ever want to drop a fuckton of money in a hurry, it's like a one-stop shopping extravaganza!
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