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I recently purchased a Hackett dress shirt from eBay, and can confirm that the shirts do look like the one in the model picture. I don't precisely know how to describe what makes them different, but I think it is the very pronounced stitching around the collar. It looks neat, very Brit.
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FYI, their ties aren't bad either.
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Originally Posted by Holdfast
More or less.

Lobb has a Prestige line which is a bit more expensive (and very beautiful), though their classic line also features some very elegant shoes. I feel both ranges are worth the money. EG sounds about right, though I personally don't own any (yet!). C&J has a higher Handgrade line, which I find hits a nice sweet spot between price and quality. They're about £350-ish.

I believe the Summer Sales are due to start shortly, but don't know the exact dates. Other times of the year, random bargains can be had at the respective factory outlets up in Northampton (about an hour and a half to two hours up the M1 from London).

Loake 1880 is much cheaper - about £100-120ish from memory but far less elegant and beautiful than the above. Very good for more damp days though.

For shoes, you're really best off asking some of the more knowledgeable forum members - jcusey, aportnoy et al. I really know very little about them beyond what I think looks pretty and what doesn't!

Hmm, having come into contact with large numbers of them over the years, I'm not entirely convinced all their mannerisms are to be aped. Then again, coming from a professional/upper-middle background, I would say that, wouldn't I!

If you're interesting in studying the species however, I recommend people-watching in the greener parts of London (I'm reliably informed such areas exist) and the more affluent parts of the Home Counties and yes, around some of the older university cities.

Yes, studied here for 6 years... then somehow managed to get away for a year, before returning to work in Oxford and the surrounding area (not in anything to do with the University, though I do end up teaching some of their students as part of my job). It's a nice part of the UK - worth having a look around if you have time while you're in the country, between all those long hours at the bank!

I think the Edward Green sale starts very soon (today perhaps) and have to second the trip to Northampton idea. Not so much Edward Green but a ton of Crockett and Jones and John Lobb up there.
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London Wall Hair Salon, (just off Moorgate in the City).
Hacket over priced & 50/50 on the quality!.
Check out 'The House of Hanover', (Hanover St), just off Regent Street, by the Apple store. They pull bulk consignments at about 60% or retail. Recently purchased Ferragamo Mac, Etro shirts, Incotex trousers and the like.
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i mean no offense, but i feel you should go back to the us and hang out with the vineyard vines crew. old bean.
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Why did you exhume this 5 year old thread?
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i didnt realise he had, but to be fair i'm glad he did. that guy was shaping up to be another harrisonk. pure gold
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Originally Posted by bengal-stripe View Post
What have we here? A Hooray Henry in the making?
Watch for the traps - from now on, it's pudding not deserts.
And most important, never touch a fish knive (they really are non-U).

And worried about the cut of a suit appearing contrived... nice juxtaposition with 'manufactured' style.
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