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new Lobbs!!

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well, in the end i got a little less than a 50% discount, but i guess it is still a pretty good price. anyways, here are the newest additions to the wardrobe, which i actually can't enjoy until i return to the states around Xmastime! Whaddya think?

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Russ, those are just beautiful. The color is striking as is the last form, and they appear to have nice antiquing--something usually lacking, in my experience, with JLobb. A couple of questions: Are they on the 7000 or 8000 last? And what model are they? They look something like the Stafford, but the full-length sweep of the stitching running from the facings to the heel is different, as is the 6-eyelet feature.
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I love them, I have them coming too. The Prestige line is hard to beat IMO.
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Stunning! Wonderful antiquing. How did you manage a 50% discount?
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Hey Foxx...in my usual perusal of completed auctions I noticed that you had snagged these. Congrats, they are one the favorite shoes in my collection too!
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thanks, gents!!

they are the Sutton model, on the 8000 last. hoping they will fit well, but won't know until i crack open the package in december on my vacation!
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My sympathies (he said enviously).
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