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Originally Posted by Kent Wang
The best way to ensure this is to fabricate a fictional band. If anyone tells you "hey, cool band" then you know he's a poser.

Like THE MONTEVERDI CLOUD MACHINE? Which kicks ass, or would if it existed.
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I think JC would be adept at inventing band names...
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wouldn't it be cool to have a band called The Invented Band Name?
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If such a band name did not exist, it would have to be invented.
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Im confused now
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here is what id wear

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Whatever happened to that shirt?
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BRILLIANT!!! I feel like an invisible hand has been guiding us to this conclusion-------telos in the electronic realm.
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for the man who first informed us of the existance of the dior eternals, there is no other choice. it is the perfect rock outfit, and very exclusive. 500 for the shirt, 1500 for the jeans(only 1000 for raws tho), and vintage boots to show yr a true rocker who cant afford expensive shit because of your habit(limited dior colabs)
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