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trench coats in dry weather?

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I live in San Diego and am moving to LA so I really don't have to deal with rainy weather all that often. But, I love the trench coat look and was thinking of plucking down a pretty penny for a high quality one. Is it ok to wear a trench coat just to keep warm on a cold day when there's no chance of rain?

I see people doing this and I think it looks great but are there any specific rules against it?
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Another option is to get a duster.
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Didn't Philip Marlowe wear a trench coat? He lived in LA.
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In the movie The Big Sleep, Bogart playing Marlowe wears a trench coat in a downpour. (Yes, they happen even in LA.) I don't believe Chandler ever mentions them. And he does pay attention to clothes. At the beginning of the novel The Big Sleep, Marlowe (all the Chandler novels were written in first person) mentions that he is wearing a powder blue suit to meet General Sternwood.
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Brioni, for instance, makes a nice silk trench that only seems useful in non-rainy weather.
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I think a trench is fine as a thin layer in dry weather.
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Or perhaps a suede trench.
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I see it as fine because mine is lighter than my overcoat but heavier than wearing nothing. So I think it's fine for those in between days
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OK, so not technically a trench, but he was from LA

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