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Originally Posted by sportin_life View Post
Looks interesting, this is basically from the Entourage crew right?

I think so.... :-P
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^ Mark Wahlberg. Rob Weiss. Both exec producers of Entourage.
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Anybody watch it on HBO last night?
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I watched it and thought it was awesome. I'm suprised there is not more talk about it around here.
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is there a second episode yet? edit: nvm. feb 21st apparently
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I watched it this morning and was sort of disappointed. Meh probably just my lack of culturing.
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no one who has actually spent time in nyc would think this is awesome.
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I didn't see it yet. don't expect much. Pre-review: I keep thinking it might have been good if it came out like 8 yrs ago before all this stuff was so mainstream.
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Loving what I've seen so far haha it's fun to watch the hipster night life
I like how Ben (main char.) is into Jeans, and love the Jean shop reference at the docks
"f*ck selvage, that's hand dyed indigo from a left handed weave"
Also think their friend Gingy is rather attractive, and Kid Cudi is awesome too
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Yea im looking forward to the next ep.
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Thought when he got cock-blocked, by the guy he thought was gay, was lulz worthy. Luiz G always makes me chuckle.
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It's literally Entourage minus Drama, Vince and Ari. The show probably won't have someone like Piven to make it watchable, but it will still capture the young audience without a doubt. There is better stuff on HBO. Boardwalk Empire is coming soon, the pilot is written and exec produced by Scorsese and with any hope it will be promising. Also, The Pacific is sure to be a great mini-series.
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Show is really ghey, and not the good homosexual kind.
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really enjoyed the 1st ep
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off topic - i second the Boardwalk Empire notion.. i was nearby their filming spot in BK few months back - they grabbed up some massive warehouses to recreate Atlantic City in Greenpoint.

on topic - im gonna watch the show just to start making mental notes of what used to be fresh.. why cant HBO just keep the spotlight on Eastbound n Down instead of trying to siphon style out of NY and LA via entourage and this trash
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