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What kind of crap do you wear?

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So, we all talk about our Brioni, Kiton, or Isaia suits, our Edward Green and John Lobb shoes, our Carlo Franco ties and Incotex trousers. There are definitely certain makers that are popular on this forum and other makers that are considered, well, crap. But I know that a lot of us don't wear Kiton and Oxxford every single day. So, what are some of the clothing items that you wear from lesser brands that you wouldn't brag about on the forum?

I'll start

I have a lot of Alfani and Calvin Klein trousers that I wear on a regular basis (though I'm currently looking to uprade, I will probably continue to wear these because I can't just buy 10 pairs of nice trousers all at once).

One of my blue blazers that I wear pretty regularly when a blue blazer is called for is a Club Room job from Macys.

I also wear rubber soled Johnston & Murphy shoes pretty regularly (with jeans or when it's raining).

I wear Gap polo shirts almost every day (I bought about 10 of them at once when I needed polo shirts in a hurry and I keep wearing them all the time now).

Ok, now you go.
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I have a fair few M&S odd jackets and dress trousers. From their better Italian/Collezioni lines but still, not a brand to be hugely proud of wearing...

Their recent season items are MUCH improved compared to a few years ago.
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I wear polos from Osh Kosh B'gosh.

Aside from a chest pocket, I actually quite like them. And the $1 price certaintly didn't hurt
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Damn. Where do I start? Half a dozen guess buttonless polo shirts (mentioned these before I think). Two *gasp* Armani Exchange slim cargos that look identical to the Costume National ones (yet only 50.00 each) Three linen Old Navy shirts Two old Armani Exchange short sleeve shirts in a sort of military style Five Gap ribbed v-neck tshirts And much more! A few more: Socks from Express Cotton /linen AE blend shirt (have had it for years now). Several linen trousers, maybe Target? Don't remember anymore. On a sidenote I have found a way to use Armani Exchange to my advantage: their sales! It would seem that everything they make that is "normal" (ie not full of logos and weird zips etc) does not sell well and ends up beng on sale really fast. Say what you like about their typical audience, they can have somedecent stuff
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I have two jackets from Target - one medium gray herringbone wool tweed, the other a gray and white seersucker in cotton. Both 3-button rolled to the second, decent fit and cut, and a good value at $6.99 each.
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I like to buy my underwear shirts and my socks in packs of 6 for cheap. Shoes: I have 2 pairs of black oxfords with rubber soles, one from Cheaney and one from Loake and both are made of (sorry) polished binder. I wear several dokkers pants. Especially irritating to some people is my completely torn Barbour wax jacket. I personally don't consider wearing it to be cheap or bad style - although my gf told me last year to throw it out I still keep wearing it.
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Gurkee sandals.

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faded glory jeans from wal mart crusted with oil paint.

t -shirts from my own company, thedirtyfabulous

timberland boots

flat front khakis and a glen plaid

just bought a pair of gordon rush suede chelsea boots which I wear w/
seersucker from old navy

but I have a handfull of John Lobb jpegs on my desktop, sadly this may be as close i get to the real thing.
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Old Navy polos from the boys section

Banana Republic black check sportjacket (which gets an amazing amount of compliments)
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I wear some Zara and Sisley shirts, sometimes but not always upgraded to decent buttons thanks to the sacrifice of a thrift store shirt that was either not my size or ruined in some way. There are a few pairs of Banana Republic pants in my closet. Unlike a lot of the people here, I don't see a reason to spend big money on socks or belts, so I usually buy both when they're on sale at BR or Polo.
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Funky pink checked Benetton shirt gets a lot of wear, as does a snap-front Versace jeans shirt with epaulettes (yep). Boss orange lable linen pants, light blue with a white stripe that is uneven enough to be hand-applied, but isn't. Yellow cotton Armani Collezione (sp) tie. I don't know enough about leather to say whether it's crap or not, but I have a great looking cafe racer jacket from Chevignon that was relatively cheap at the outlet in Zweibruecken. Couple of pairs of Diesel jeans.

Oh yeah, lots of cotton-poly blend for work. I have an excuse though.
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There's Old Navy hoodies, sweaters, field jackets and jeans which are great around the neighbor. Of course, you can't beat Doc Martens and Ugg boots. Then there's "Bullskin" cowboy boots. Vintage store cashmere sweaters are a necessity in the cold months. Walmart jeans are for walking the dog.
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Wearing Paul Fredrick linen shirt right now...
Have a lot of crappy regular line Levis I wear fairly often as beater jeans, most for free from relatives who worked for at their SF HQ.
Ditto regarding BR, same excuse, except I rather like BR khakis.
In my biz caz days, I wore the occasional pair of Dockers, albeit models without that damn logo. At my current office, along with the Chester Barrie and Baron Le Chat Mort, I still rotate in my beaten old Brooks Brothers and rather naff USA-licensed Aquascrotum (the latter acquired for $100 at Marshall's).
My standard wool topcoat is a USA-made licensed Christian Dior charcoal wool coat from the late and sadly unlamented NBO; some may say that's crappy but it's just shy of 15 years old and doing well. It and my lost Hermes gloves were the two garments that propelled me down this ruinous path.
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i wear a lot of junk from macys; my wife works there and along with her employee discount and her ability to have first pickings on any merchandise before they go on sale or clearance, i have a boatload of

ralph lauren
perry ellis
hugo boss
geoffrey beene
calvin klein

all my stuff from there fits well and looks very good on me due to the fact that my wife picks them out.
she also buys stuff for herself as well, and since she works at one of the nations highest macys, she does bring home alot of designer brand names home all at a very discounted price.

the blessing is that for us our normal monthly clothes shopping is cheaper for us at macys than if we did it at target or kmart or even ross or marshalls. much cheaper

i mean for instance she has jackets and overcoats and dresses that were originally marked at over 400 dollars for less than 10 dollars each. i have several perry ellis and hugo boss and ck sportcoats and jacket for 20 dollars each that were originally 199 or 299 each.
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My wee contribution to the sartorial confessional: a Nautica dress shirt. The overall fit leaves something to be desired, the fabric is just a few notches above dreadful, but the check is really wonderful, so it has a semi-permanent place in my rotation.
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