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Let's all bow our heads

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Naturlaut has now officially LOST over 1 thousand dollars worth of Cartier sunglassess. Let's all grieve with him.
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My sympathies to you Naturlaut. By the way how did this happen? I feel sorry for the glasses, and the former owner.
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I used to have a similar problem with umbrellas. I could go through several brollies within a year. Admittedly not from Cartier, but I must have kept Swaine, Adeney & Briggs in business single-handed. About three years ago, after I had lost a new umbrella at it's first outing, I decided to replace it with the cheapest item I could find in the market, just £ 5.00 ($ 7,50). I haven't managed to loose that thing (yet). It sticks to me like tar and feathers. Naturlaut, get your replacement glasses from K-Mart. P.S. I still don't know how to hang onto leather gloves. I suppose a piece of string down the coat sleeves might do the trick.
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Not actually knowing how expensive Cartier sunglasses are, I'm curious. How many pairs of sunglasses did it take to reach this mark? Personally I want to replace my RayBans with a pair of Maui Jim Kapaluas but despite the fact that I never go outside without sunglasses, I just can't bring myself to pay $270 for a pair of glasses. Bradford
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Bradford: Cartier sunglasses are quite expensive much like the rest of their products. I suspect that this was only one pair of sunglasses. Their prices usually run from $500 to $1,000+. The pricing is on par with S.T. Dupont, and other French luxury marques of that level.
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Bradford, Have you been here? They don't have copies of the Kapaluas, but they have the Sandy Beach, which is essentially the same, but for thicker arms and bridge. Plus, they have copies of all the sunglasses from The Matrix trilogy, which I think are cool...
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Nick - Cool - thank you for the link. I think I'll be ordering some glassses. You're right, the Matrix glasses are very cool. Bradford
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I lost two pairs of Cartier sunglasses.  One was a palladium rimless ($700+), the other a recent purchase from the composite collection ($340+) meant for summer beach wear.  The first one was lost in London, and the other in New York (in the Egytian restaurant Casa La Femme in Soho).  Both occasions I was taking care of my girlfriend with her bags and stuffs and forgot my own belongings.  I generally don't lose things. My other big loses include a Motorola Ultra-Elite in '96 when I was literally the only one who has a mobile phone in US.  I 'smuggled' the phone in from Hong Kong at a hefty price, and I lost it in CitiBank.   (Thracozaag: it was the Citibank on Amsterdam Avenue, and I was late for Lateiner that afternoon; he got so worried as I was never late.  I explained later but I don't think he knew what a mobile phone was....) Mr. Bengal-Stripe: It's good to know you kept them in business --- my only hope is that yours wasn't a custom order, but that's the reason I am refraining from getting a Briggs' umbrella.  I was thinking about a retractable one so I can put in my briefcase without losing it.  But there is no point getting a retractable Briggs'.... Any suggestions for my next sunglasses?  (I don't know any K-Mart in New York.  Isn't it a discount store?) Naturlaut
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$700 for sunglasses that´s ridiculous. You should have instead bought a nice pair of John Lobb´s, at least you really can´t lose those.   Anyway, I recently bought a knock-off pair of Gucci sunglasses, and not surprisingly they are of equal quality to the real thing.  However, the best value in sunglasses I´ve got is my pair of Armani wraparounds. $80 and they have lasted me two years and still going so far.
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Dork. $700 for sunglasses that´s ridiculous. You should have instead bought a nice pair of John Lobb´s, at least you really can´t lose those.   Anyway, I recently bought a knock-off pair of Gucci sunglasses, and not surprisingly they are of equal quality to the real thing.  However, the best value in sunglasses I´ve got is my pair of Armani wraparounds. $80 and they have lasted me two years and still going so far.
While I am not trying to justify a $700 sunglasses purchase, I'd have to say that the Palladium frame was quite nice, not to mention the lenses. And while I can't judge the quality of Gucci sunglasses, I have doubts about quality of a knock-off from street vendors. I judge a product not merely by how long it lasts, also by how well it lasts. If a Gap suit lasts 10 years, is it a good suit? Someone might well compare a $700 Lobb with a pair of $50 shoes from K-Mart and find Lobb ridiculous. Or is a $250 umbrella ridiculous too? Or a $600 shirt? Or a $10,000 suit? Or a $50,000 piano? What I am saying is, at this level, there is a certain meaning to the price (afterall, I wasn't talking about Gap or designer markup); and $700 for a pair of Cartier made from that particular material (with lifetime warranty and services --- bet Armani can't match that) is what it is. Although, yes, you are right, I wouldn't lose my shoes for sure, but if I could travel back in time, I would still buy that same pair of sunglasses, though I'd make sure I won't lose it this time. A $5 apple is ridiculous only when he/she is comparing to a 50-cent one. They are both apples, but at the same time, they are not the same. Takes a sharp eye to see the difference. Takes some even sharper taste buds to taste the differences. No offense intended. Naturlaut
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Yes I do agree with Naturlaut with this. The quality of Cartier glasses, and various other prducts is not be challenged. Of course there are other luxury marques that are on this same level such as S.T. Dupont, Chopard or de Grisogono. Now the arbitrary concepts one applies to items are purely subjective. Such as is a custom Kiton suit worth $25,000? Or are Berlutis worth purchasing for $2,500? Perhaps also is Naturlaut's example of a piano such as a Bechstein or Bosendorfer costing $100,000+ worth buying. I once was using a Delta fountain pen, and somebody came up, and enquired as to this instrument. Once I replied to all his questions he asked why was this pen so expensive? I said that the quality, and feeling of such objects are almost unparalled. He thus stated he would rather use a ballpoint. To each his own devices I suppose.
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Custom Kiton starts at $10,000 for Super 180s wool. 14 micron starts at around $13,000, while cashmere (or any cashmere blend) from $15,000 to the sky. The current price for a K50 suit is $45,000. Custom Berluti starts from around US$2500. Both Bechstein and Bosendorfer are around the same price range per length/model, from $25,000 to around $80,000. However, in Bechstein, custom work (such as weight of keys, thicker bass, etc.) may cost more. For Bosendorfer, extra keys on top of the 88 keys can be added, and it will cost a little more. 9-foot concert models will also cost more. These piano makers are actually quite honest about their prices for the quality of work they do. Naturlaut
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I read in W magazine last time there was a custom model of Kiton that was approx. $25,000. Apparently the fitting can be done anywhere in the world one might choose. Once I saw a Bosendorfer performance grand at a piano store of some kind of which the asking price was $180,000. But then the piano itself was very beautiful with brass inlays, and whatnot. Almost looked liked a period piece.
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I agree also with NL and LK. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...Our resident economists will agree with me (I hope)- that's why we have the subjective theory of value...
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Actually, the clothing you buy to wear has no inherent value because it does not generate a series of cash flows that can be discounted back at some cost of capital to determine its present value. You can, of course, rent clothing to other people -- tuxedos, wedding gowns, etc. -- that do indeed generate cash flows, and these have clear, non-subjective value as capital assets. Otherwise, yes, clothing value is all in the eye of the bank account holder. :-)
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