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Affordable, quality suit needed

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I recently posted a thread asking for help in choosing a shirt and tie combination for a very important job interview. I have been offered the job at a very respectful global I.T consultancy and since I am still at University in the United Kingdom I own one suit/trouser combination which I now have the money to upgrade.

Are there any affordable yet quality suit tailors within the United Kingdom? I have looked at TM Lewin, but cannot find any detailed reviews.

Any help would be fantastic.

Many thanks,
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Congrats on the job!

I acknowledge that my input was not requested since I know nothing about tailors in the UK. I would suggest that you be frugal in the new job. I remember getting my job out of b-school and took my bonus and lived it up - but the economic times were different. I think given the current economy, the slower you spend your money the better. And your focus on affordable quality is spot on.

Once again apologies on the off topic comment.

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Thank you very much for the information . I do plan to save quite a bit of money in the first year!
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TM Lewin suyits are good for the price, certainly better than your average department store.

I personally think Charles Tyrwhitt's Black Label suits (with peak lapels and good quality cut) the best around for the price:'s-Suits-_and-Separates/yg-Black-Label-Suits/productlisting.aspx?ppp=12&sortBy=Relevance&page=1&back=False&canned=&browse=Y&cm_sp=Teaser%202-_-Suits-_-Black%20Label
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i really like my Lewin shirts. Great for the price. No experience with the suits though.
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