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Originally Posted by Connemara View Post
Generally, 2 sausage McGriddles

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Originally Posted by 1969 View Post
Steel cut oats. Cook a big pot Sunday night- reheat.

I do this, or sometimes grits, and usually add a protein shake or a bunch of canadian bacon.
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Peanut Butter Shredded Wheat Milk Honey Chocolate Protein powder
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Originally Posted by 1969 View Post
Steel cut oats. Cook a big pot Sunday night- reheat.

Silly question but what's the difference between steel cut oats and old fasion oats (oat meal)?
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Cliff bar and good coffee.
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4 eggs and whatever.
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Some good ideas boys thanks! Have a week off next week, so I'll give some of these a try, and see what I like, and whats easiest!
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i usually have one of the following during the week: can of tuna or salmon and a peice of fruit billtong (jerky), dried fruit and nuts pure whey protein powder in water and some fruit i sometimes have some other things which most people wouldnt consider breakfast (or food) like stir fried minced kangaroo with onions and blueberries. on weekends its something special which lately has been comprising of lots of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and perian feta
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Ok, out of last weeks selection...time for
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A slice of whole wheat toast with some peanut butter, a cup of cottage cheese (or Greek yogurt), and a glass of juice (cran-raspberry or OJ) is my typical breakfast three or four days a week. The other few days I go with a power breakfast of a can of Coke and a stick of butter.
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Originally Posted by ssnyc View Post
Cliff bar and good coffee.

I make things more complicated by adding fruit but the above works well if you are in a rush.
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Didn't realize "steel cut oats' would generate so many questions. I don't cook in a crook pot, though you can soak them 3 water to 1 oats overnight to take cooking time down to 10 minutes, but that isn't what the OP was asking. I just cook them at night, then refridgerate. They heat up in 2 minutes and keep well for 4-5 days. Oats in whole form are called Oat groats and sort of look like plump rice. You can cook and eat those too, or soak overnight to make muesli. Steel cut is just a less processed form than rolled oats. Once you see a whole oat groat you can easily visualize that grain being "diced" into small pieces for steel cut, or rolled out for "rolled" oats.
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Cool. I'm lazy so whenever I make steel cut oats, I throw them in the crock pot overnight. I know you are supposed to pan brown them in butter before you cook them, for a more nutty flavor, but I don't care.
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Trader Joe's frozen steel cut oatmeal.

Almond butter on whole wheat.

Protein bar.
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Originally Posted by Scrumhalf View Post
Really? We must be talking about 2 completely different things. I am referring to this:

I put a scoop into a bowl, cover it with water and nuke it for a minute. It comes out cooked.

You may have a different definition of "cooked" if you're cooking those old fashioned oats in 1-minute. The old fashioned oats don't come out right in 1 minute for me whenever I tried.

I eat the same Quaker Oats brand, but specifically the one labeled "Quick- 1 minute" and I nuke that in the microwave for 1:30, which come out to my liking.
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