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Haircut tomorrow, need some help.

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Ok, so here it is. I've been gone to college for a year and came in to visit my mom. My hair is way longer then it was when I left, and she wants me to get it cut. So, I am going to, tomorrow. But, problems are; I have a receding hairline (a "High" forehead, or whatever) and its hard to find a haircut to suit it. Also, there are no salons were I live, just some Male barber (yikes). Heres a picture of me (sorry for bad picture, only one I have where you can actually see me); I was thinking about just getting trimmed, but its been long for so long I'd rather have a change. I just don't know how short go with it. I thought about a fauxhawk, or something similiar to that , but I don't know if I would look right with one. Any ideas or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks. EDIT: I'm having second thoughts about getting it cut where my mom lives, I may wait till I go back to my apartment and go to a salon and get a modern style fashion haircut... but with my receding hairline, what wouldn't look totally weird?
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I would wait until you can go to a salon. Then, find a good one and see if you can go in for a consultation before you get a cut.

I think you have to decide how short you want to go, but I really don't see that your hairline is receding that badly (it may be hard to tell from that photo), but a good haircut will help no matter how bad it is. Do some internet searches and you could find some styles you like...

if you want to keep it a bit longer, how about the Owen Wilson type of look? He may or may not have a receding hairline, but it's hidden behind the bangs.

A male barber is probably not your best option.
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You look like the tormented artist from Six Feet Under.
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Good calls from both Brad and Shellshock.
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Welcome to SF. Might not hurt to color it brown. Start out with the temp stuff that lasts 12-24 shampoos. What do you think? I would not worry too much about the hairline in relation to a haircut. The longer your hair is the more thin it looks, so any cut is going to make an improvement. Get a thickening shampoo. They make some spacificly for thinning hair.

Have you checked out any Rx that would prevent further hairloss?

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The person who does my dishes has reported excellent results by using Propecia and Rogaine. You should try it, if you're concerned. Right now the texture looks pretty good though, so you have enough hair to work with. Your forehead, in my opinion, is not something that you have to hide that much. Look at Hollywood, there are some guys there sporting tons of forehead. Just get some prescriptions to slow it down and you'll be fine. I agree on the coloring too.
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Just buzz it short like Jason Statham

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I just had my haircut into a side parting like the guy in the current Prada ads I've seen in GQ. It looks so good. When I was younger I had a side parting and someone made fun of it, then had stupid curtains for a few years, and then kind of messed up, but now its back to traditional and I love it. Chris Carmack from The OC:
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