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Cat Power

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Anyone else a fan?

Apparently Karl Lagerfeld considers her a muse.
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I'm petting a cat right now.

I like the band as well.
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hells yeah. just put her Sea of Love cover on. damn...

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+1 bazillion.

very few artists from this day and age come close, imo.
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I like.
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Here is the video that made a fan of me:

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She really is the greatest...
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+1 to all of the above
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I love her voice and her writing. I met her once - she was wasted but I guess she's sober now.
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like her cover of and calaboration with bill callahan
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Haven't been a big fan post-You Are Free. Preferred her sparse, almost slowcore arrangements before that.

The combo of "Rockets"/"Still In Love" (off, uh, Myra Lee I think?) is stunning when you crank it up.
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Originally Posted by milosz View Post
Haven't been a big fan post-You Are Free

that's when she got sober.
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Only listened to You Are Free, but I consider that record one of the greatest of recent times.
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Can I consider her a muse too if I work in finance?

I can't access youtube at work but the Lived in Bars video is definitely worth a viewing.
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She is awesome, I saw her in Northampton, MA three summers ago.
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