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whats up?

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Did everybody forget who I am?
Gonna be in Europe for the FIFA final game (July 9), and back in Berlin for Christmas and New Year, also, Milan for the lingerie show in August, a week full of scantily clad women, tough job.....huh?....So whats up all?
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how's it going, Chris? haven't seen you around for awhile. all good here, started my new job, and it looks good. moved, although my family will only be coming in a few months. I'll be much of july in asia, part of sept in western europe, and, as far as I know now, nov I will be in germany. who knows, maybe our paths will cross again.

be well, and regards to your wife.
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Welcome back Chris - we missed you.

Sounds like a great trip - post some pictures... and I don't mean from the soccer
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Man, you are evil. I don't want to see people reappear saying "my life sucks now", but you really have to rub it in...

Anyway, Pics.
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