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Corneliani suits

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At Saks, yesterday, I saw several clean looking suits by Corneliani for about $800. Side vents. Any comments about their quality?
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$800?.?.?. They're all over the place here in Florence for tops e450. This is including functional sleve buttons. From what I've seen, they're pretty good machine made suits, don't know if it is fused front or canvas. I've had my eye on this navy pinstripe one for sometime now, however I've spent all my money on travelling, partying and good food. So I guess it just won't happen.
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Corneliani suits are great. The price, for this side of the pond, doesn't sound bad. Especially at Saks. I belive they are canvas fronts. I have one that I bought at a bargain basement discount place for like $599. In fact I'm wearing it now. I've seen them at a boutique where I live for as high as $1,500. So $800, at Saks, IMHO, is not bad at all.
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