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Driving gloves?

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I have a new ride, and I'm feeling the need to accessorize. Picked up some cool sunglasses. Now I'm looking for a pair of really nice driving gloves. Would love to find a pair in peccary leather, but am open to suggestions. Perhaps some driving mocs too. Tods are the best known brand, but I'm willing to bet that someone on this board has a favorite brand of driving mocs. Any hints?
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I bought these from Leather Gloves Online and they look and feel gorgeous. I haven't worn them that much because they are a little loose when my hands aren't gripping the wheel/shifter/other stuff, but moreover I feel a little like a dork when I wear them. I sometimes have to, though, because my steel shift knob is freezing when it's cold outside, and they do look badass. They were only $50ish with shipping. Leatherglovesonline has a bunch of driving gloves that look very nice and I imagine they are all of similar (excellent) quality to these. I got a pair of dark red-brown Bally driving mocs on ultra sale and they are very nice and comfortable (even for walking considerable distance), and presentable as normal kicking around shoes too, although they are a bit loose on me with thin socks. I don't really have any input on other kinds, but Tod's are the most prolific, at least in the ads in GQ. They look very nice and when a pile of money lands in my lap I shall be sure to pick up a pair.
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Bottega Veneta makes some driving gloves. Also Alfred Dunhill. Tod's is the obvious choice but other brands also produce a driving moc. Such as Ferragamo, Fieramosca & Co, and Gucci. Connolly(makes leather for Rolls, Bentley) I believe also produces a driving shoe.
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