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Borrelli 11-Fold

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JM Wetson tan double monks. Marked 11E. Seller says fits like US 12.5-13. Some wear. Buy-it-now price of $199.95 with $14.95 shipping.


NIB Bally Scribe tan single monks. Buyer lists size as US 10EE. Buy-it-now price of $250.00 with free shipping.

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Originally Posted by jreigen View Post

Was just looking at those. I don't see where it says anything about trees being included. Also, says new, but listed as preowned. Would like to see some sole pics.

Originally Posted by taxgenius View Post

Also, if the shoes are brand new why is there a crease across the vamp?

Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Hm. When i linked it said trees, bags, and box. Or so I thought....

Originally Posted by rebel222 View Post

Also, it looks like there is some wear at the sole/toe area. I imagine they've been worn, and without sole pictures, buyer beware.

question to seller:
Are they brand new or pre-owned (used)? Please show photos of the soles?

answer from seller:

They are pre-owned, but in incredible almost new condition. The shoes soles are slightly used due to there use in two occasions. The shoes are made to order from Leffot in New York.

- alumbrados87
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Originally Posted by Mr_Incognito View Post

Beautiful Hermes Pocket Square


Nice find.. That is fantastic.

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Originally Posted by YoungAmerican View Post

PTO Roundup! Extravaganza!

Nice!! Thanks guys!

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Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon View Post

C&J Monks UK 8C

Too bad, soles are not original. Also, I think that is US sizing. Last 330 are made exclusively for Tom James (before) and Ben Silver (now).
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Was up last winter, might've kopped this if the shipping wouldn't hit me for obscene amounts.

100% cashmere, beaver-fur trimmed Dunhill overcoat.
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Wow, great thread. Thank you to all who contributes.
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RL Luxury store (845-9281220) @ Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall has RLPL shoes from $50 to $350
no phone orders and they don't ship


PS. I wear 11.5s:)
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