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Originally Posted by mxgreen View Post
Looks like Edward Green for Paul Stuart burgandy cap toe bals but with exposed metal eyelets - NIB 10.5D - opening bid of $295, BIN $425.

That's a US N, I think.
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[quote=RJman;3819992]Always happy to help an e-friend.

Keep alive the memory of the RJ cat and his posse.[quote]

Your cat is playing with my late Bouvier mix, Rosie, in the Elysian fields. They are happy there and remember us.

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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Those are on the B&S (world's worst pics).
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the little button with the exclamation mark is for reporting spam. When you requote it, it only makes it worse.
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Some confusion as to 10.5 US or UK sizing, but nice shoes:
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these make me drool (and feel poor at the same time)
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Originally Posted by drducky View Post
these make me drool (and feel poor at the same time)
"ps i do not have smelly feet or fat feet. shoes are perfect !"
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The be thankful list part 1. Lots of and stuff out there. And of course the stuff in my sig, help me get this crap out of my study/foyer.

Hield Grenson MPs ending soon:

Moynat trunk, no bids:

Ladies' Ballantyne vicuna twin-set:

Charvet ladies' silk raincoat is back at a lower price:

Drumohr/Marinella cashmere scarf:

Low BIN on teh Purdey playing cards:

Old England duffel coat:

Express your inner... RSS... (The Man Inside Me?)

$19.99 BIN on vintage red sealskin wallet:

More G&H shoes:

More M&W silver and enamel guilloche cufflinks:

Daniel Hanson dressing gown:

A tie that says, yo G what up:

Pickett leather BB holder:

Wildsmith oxfords, probably C&J:

E&R folding panama hat and case:

Set of three cashmere scarves including Drakes:

lulzy SAB hacking jacket with pink felt undercollar for that German ornithologist look:

yet another cashmere robe with silk lining for a high price that is still less than half retail...

Ladies' silk (?) umbrella with leather handle:

Antique travel tea set:

Cashmere cable sweater by former shirtmakers to Prince Phillip, the snarkiest royal:

OK, who would buy this? It looks like you'd be trying too hard to set up your own Hermes boutique:

Hermes alligator GM agenda holder:

Launer flask:

Supposedly vintage (and thus not mediocre like their modern stuff) Borsalino straw hat:

Another odd Sulka tie, this one with embroidered Beefeaters, for the Beefeaters Club (it's what's for dinner, in Gin Lane):

Marinella silk pieces hand printed by Adamleys:

Awesome, gorgeous Asprey crocogator wallets and cases:

Arnys duffel coat:

RJ leather belt with royal blue inner lining:

Asprey travel watch in some sort of leather frame:

Pineider wallet:

Asprey lizard alarm clock:

John Pearse overcaot:

No bids yet on JL St James bespoke side-gusset shoes:

C&Js for N&L and Fosters:

Barrow Hepburn wallet:

CB cashmere coat:

Nice length of vintage Reid & Taylor cloth for a sportcoat:

Abbeyhorn sword brooch (perfect for gqg33k's guild):

OK... first of several "is this or " items -- SAB Gladstone with leather trim and woven tapestry cloth:

Then these... JL soles on something unspeakable:

And this... is it totally, disgustingly naff or is it spoo-riffic? Goyard print cigar case:

While this seller seems detached from reality -- I was tempted to throw in an insultingly low offer but was afraid he'd go postal -- $11,000 no-name crocodile wallet for $8500 OBO. Dude is in Atlanta if that explains anything.

German seller has bunch of Scabal diamond chip neckties:

This just makes me ... I would like to buy it, have some reweaving done, and then converted into a fully trimmed dressing gown with silk lining and piping... Wells of Mayfair vicuna topcoat:

And what is this? LOW BIN on "London House" Harris tweed SC but the tag is not clear... is it London House of Lima, Peru or of via Antongiavanni, Naples?

Penis... does edmorel read this threaq or can someone show this to him?

UK charity auction for lots of interesting stuff, mostly at highish prices but I list them here for information:
Sedwell bunny tie:

Dege ties:

A&S tie (no Manton):

Fallan & Harvey tie (no medwards):

Bowring Arundel tie (no... RSS...):

Hideous Sulka smoking jacket:

Whitehouse Cox set of brushes in leather case:

Hogg & Johnstone marcella waistcoats:

Lanvin ostrich briefcase:

Lorenzi horn tray:

Mappin Webb attache:

Lock for BB hat:

New briefcase made in England for Dents the glovers:

Supposedly new HJ hat:

LOW BIN on antique A&F carpet bowls game:
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^ Hot damn man... Very interesting list!
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OK... first of several "is this or " items -- SAB Gladstone with leather trim and woven tapestry cloth:

Does this make you a contemporary version of a carpetbagger?....
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I don't think this was posted before...New arrival of Lidfort shoes at, special offer at 99 Euro / 130 USD. Mostly very small sizes (some are ladies shoes?), loafers, selection is really meh. The retail for these should be over 500 USD. The suede loafers are not bad, but I have enough similar pairs. I'm a bit intrigued by these boots I bought 3 pairs of Lidfort shoes this year from Yoox and I paid a bit more, but I really like them.
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Good BIN on a pair of classic C&J
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I will need a fit pic of these on you. Please post and I will buy many pairs! I need to see how these beautiful shoes fit!! But please, no other clothes to get in way of view!
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