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Tom Ford PJ's! BIN $345 someone stop me.... Gaziano & Girling RLPL Narvells BIN $499 Size 7 from GVH
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

They are used,that should stop you
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Missed that, screeching halt, tyvm
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Nice BIN on Lobb wingtips. I assume this 10.5 is actually UK, not US. Seller feedback is pretty sketchy.
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Edward Green black calf Dovers size 10.5/11G - NIB with bags - 11 hours to go - current bid is £220 or approximately $350. Beautiful shoes.
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Originally Posted by clausc View Post
Paolo Scafora for Gianfranco Ferre shoes (I did not now there are so many GF lines).
I know we talked about these on another thread, but just for info's sake for others who may search "Ferre" on this forum in the future, there are currently only THREE Ferre lines. This may change, though, because the company has just been sold (in November) to a new Holding Company. All the licenses from the 80's and 90's have been diffused (so, no more Ferre jeans, GFF, Gieffeffe, Oaks Ferre, Ferre Studio, Ferre White, Ferre Red, Ferre Studio 0001, etc.), and there is now: Gianfranco Ferre: the mainline/runway (which includes clothes, shoes, bags, etc.) Ferre: Diffusion (think Valentino Roma, Armani Collezioni, etc.) GF Ferre: Sportswear and 'younger' (think Valentino RED, D&G, Emporio Armani) Within each line are sometimes collaborations, special things, etc. For example, the Scafora shoes are produced for a particular season (AW08, IIRC). As well, there were a few seasons in 2007 where they had a line of super suits made by Attolini. Ferre is very hit and miss, and changes licensee/manufacture all the time, with lots of shake ups in the company with the designer dying, new designers hired/fired, etc.
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Limited detail but a seemingly good BIN on a pair of Edward Green 5.5/6E
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Originally Posted by SimonC View Post
Limited detail but a seemingly good BIN on a pair of Edward Green 5.5/6E

Guy had a whole bunch of nice shoes in this size.
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More RJ for the stuff in my sig -- click and let's make a deal.

HJ wool hat:

Dege tie ends soon:

C&J RJs:

Hermes silk and angora double-sided scarves:

Vuitton shoe trunk:

Hermes cases for Spoo -- laptop case, alligator brief, etc.:

Thresher & Glenny sabre and scabbard:

Welch Margetson silk and cashmere double-sided scarf:

Seller has a lot of Italian Drumohr/marinella cashmere:

Low BIN Purdey cards:

Seller has a lot of Timothy Everest leather pencil cases:

Pickett ostrich (print?) wallet:

T&A cashmere sweater, low BIN:

Kiton croco shoes at recockulous price:

HJ trilby:

A&F turtle:

Chipp cashmere tie:

Old England duffel coat:

Cleverley RTW loafers:

Timothy Everest tie:

Lot of RJ ties:

Low price on small peccary gloves:

Dog glass cufflinks:

G&H wingtip monks:

Richard anderson tie:

Launer cc holder:

E&R naval hat:

Pickett leather jewel/stud boxes:

Gieves trunk with cocked hat and epaulettes:

T&A waistcoat:

PS Grensons?

OK, the French Alan Flusser Marc Guyot worked on a line of shoes made in Portugal designed to compete with Lobb and EG in quality at a lower price. I've seen them (but never worn them) and they looked pretty good. Here's a pair on teh ebay:

Awesome English crocodile suitcase:

Silver and pink enamel guilloche cig case:

Abbeyhorn shoehorns at a fraction of retail:

G&H grained leather wallet:

Charvet silk scarf or PS (seller has not provided measurements):

D&F silver cheroot holder:

Fantastic thick wool shawl-collared cardigan:

Another BB Peal attache case:

RTW Foster & Son shoes:

Great gold stirrup cufflinks:

Crocodile writing case with silver accents:

Leather steamer trunk:

Another SAB attache:

Another Purdey silk scarf:

Holland & Holland rifle-shaped money clip or tie clip:

Don't all bid at once: Arnys document case:

Tanner Krolle leather jewel case:

No one wants the SAB penis? There is so much forvm circle jerking about them!

Low effin BIN for new Tusting bowling bag:

Surprised that new New & Lingwood travel bag is still not BINed:

Same deal for A&F bamboo-handled low-BIN mass-murderer's knives -- too soon?:

And for this vintage leather attache at a tiny fraction of the SAB stuff:

Nice wooden-cased shoe care kit:

Valextra wallet:

Nice new G&H shoe samples at low BIN -- I believe seller had quite a few different ones IIRC:

RJ perfumed towelettes (smell like RJ ):

Asprey jotter or bookmark, low BIN and seems to come with card to personalize for free at the shop:

Cifonelli shirt, interesting BIN:

Spanish ebayers have a chance to buy a Begg bufanda:

Cashmere-silk sweater at OK BIN:
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I think the third Cucinelli bag was for sale on this forum about a year ago and I still kick myself for not buying it... beautiful - and practical, when you get right down to it.
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Thank you, RJ. As always, you fill up my watch list.
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Thank you too, RJman, for artifacts with character and history. I should have kept my A&F leather animals from 40 years ago, no matter how ridiculous.

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Something for the ladies - Hamilton & Inches is one of Edinburgh's best jewellers, and this looks like a serious piece of quality crocodile.
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Originally Posted by STYLESTUDENT View Post
Thank you too, RJman, for artifacts with character and history. I should have kept my A&F leather animals from 40 years ago, no matter how ridiculous.

Always happy to help an e-friend.

Keep alive the memory of the RJ cat and his posse.

Set of two Tommy Nutter ties:

Bill Amberg briefcase:

Mistitled T&A tie with low BIN and very Anglophilic pattern... stain on lining, though:

Despite my aversion to single-sided links I irrationally want these. Someone else (?) please do me the service of buying them instead:

And also:

Low prices on Smythson passport holders, one still has low BIN:

Awesome Prada/Holliday & Brown silk robe, may even be lined. Belt is missing, but I bet a tailor cold make one from the extra fabric on the matching storage bag:

PS grained leather boots, not sure who made:

Low-ish BIN on Drumohr/Marinella cashmere-silk double-sided scarf:

CB vintage cashmere coat:

Sausages has some new G&H shoes including the buckshots in a different size and a pair in herringbone leather:

Length of Macclesfield silk for having a tie made:

Spoo, do you have any pets? Smythson pet passport, Goyard leash and Goyard pet bowl set:

Some things don't change -- A&F watchcock:

Longmire gold and enamel links if you like that thing:

RJ shoes:

Mappin Webb enamel and silver links:

Awesome multi-zone travel cock from Aspreys:

Aspinal wallets, one apparently snakeskin-lined:

HJ top hats are back:

Gorgeous solid sterling silver brush and shoe horn set:

Low BIN on Burberry cashmere-silk tie:

Aspinal passport case, LOW BIN:
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Originally Posted by RJman View Post

PS grained leather boots, not sure who made:

I think those are Grenson. BTW, I don't trust a word that this sellers says. He is very shady. I have other examples.
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