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Sweet deal right here

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This is more of a warning than a PSA. This eBay listing purports to be selling a Glaser Designs messenger bag. I am fairly confident (but this is just my opinion) that this seller is reselling something that was bought from another eBay seller ("original seller). Check the eBay sold history for Glaser Designs to decide for yourself.

I bought what appears to be the same or substantially similar bag from the same original seller. (If you look at the sold history, you will see that 3 were sold on the same day; I bought one, and two others were bought by one or more other persons). I can tell you that I am 99% certain the one I bought was a fake (as an owner of a Glaser Designs bag, I can say that the one I bought from the original seller felt cheap, smelled cheap [if that makes any sense at all], looked cheap, the leather was flimsy and didn't appear to be full grain, and all-in-all looked and felt nothing like the quality we all know and love from GD). I expressed my concerns and requested a return to the original seller, who immediately obliged.

I'm not accusing this current seller of knowingly passing off a fake (and as I said, i can't verify it's a fake), but caveat emptor.

If interested in any more details or opinions, PM me.
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Originally Posted by Mr_Incognito View Post

SULKA Cream Beige Long Sleeve Knit Crew Neck Pullover Sweater Sz L


Thanks! I have one Sulka sweater I love, this one will fit in nicely!
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NWOT Corneliani Super 180s Mantua suit 44L with a BIN of £75.


I've bought a NWT RLBL suit from him and I'm sure he's genuine in that the suit hasn't been worn. He'll ship, you just need to ask.
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