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Right shoe seems much darker.
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Looks to be much darker, indeed.
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From top down view, leather looks to be the same color. You only begin to notice the difference when viewing from a 15-60 degree angle which suggests the leather grains were mismatched
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Very nice.

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Originally Posted by UncleCozy View Post

RLPL 42R DB chalkstripe, good BIN. Hope it's not on fire!

Those measurements are wrong somehow

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Asprey vintage canteen

Reasonable BIN for a Glaser litigation bag

Lovely Thornhill nib tray

Bill Amberg bag

Cool Martin Green sheepskin coat

Hawick cashmere jumper

Asprey card wallet

Finnigans suitcase

Expensive but cool JM Weston spectators

New Dinkelackers

Very tatty Papworth folio

Grenfell coat

Dunhill sterling silver hip flask

Maurice Sedwell bespoke jacket

Dunhill rucksack

Tommy Nutter bespoke blazer

Ludwig Reiter etui

Nutter RTW covert coat

Old Peal shoe trees

Turnbull & Asser suit (Made by Chester Barrie)
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Originally Posted by grendel View Post

Those measurements are wrong somehow

I agree...obviously you mean the pit to pit, but


wouldn't this measurement below also depend on how long your arm is? lol

"Shoulder to end of hand- 22.5"

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Originally Posted by capnwes View Post

I agree...obviously you mean the pit to pit, but


wouldn't this measurement below also depend on how long your arm is? lol

"Shoulder to end of hand- 22.5"

Well, also that if the sleeve was that short and the coat length was around 30" then it would be a bigger difference from the sleeve to the hem of the coat

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Crockett & Jones Pembroke in size 12D. Tan calf wngtip blucher on 325 last. Price is $309.

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Originally Posted by MrSomebody View Post

Henry Poole bespoke fur lined great coat

FYI this eventually sold for a pretty impressive $1865.
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Originally Posted by bengal-stripe

Actually, the boots featured in the auction are by Silvano Lattanzi.

EG made the same "City Polo Boot" (presumably an Asprey design) a season of two earlier in a burgundy pull-up leather (it was supposed to be shell cordovan, then this proved too expensive) and with a double leather sole

Lattanzi's version in tan with a Vibram sole came the next year. (I think, the SL version was a bit higher than the EG).

Here are the EG and SL versions side by side:

Been otherwise occupied for a while now. Went back to try and catch up on some past posts and saw this. I knew I had seen these somewhere before and sure enough I saw them on my dads shoe display, only in neither of those colors. His are made by Edward Green for Asprey, as stated by others, only in black. They are actually at Edward Green being recrafted right now. So, EG also made them for Asprey in black, but I have no clue when.

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Duplicate deleted.
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Gorgeous Alden Cigar Chukkas, 7D


Wish these were my size

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