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Recent purchases - Part II - Page 3472

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La Portegna  (thanks, No Man Walks Alone)



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I was considering buying the SeF Tobacco version of the Chelseas, but figured it was better to go with a reputable brand like CP's. Hopefully they work out.

I think the new Tobacco colorway is more versatile than the Tan. Only concern is that the crepe sole will wear down pretty fast..
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Double posted
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Remi Relief





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Snow Peak
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@chetB How did you size them?
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Devoa belt

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Curious to know how that soloist shirt fits.  nice pickup.

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Let me know if that Devoa belt doesn't work out for you if it's a size 2, @myshoeiswet.
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@flowcharts Haven't received it yet, but it's an XS but I took a gamble going by the measurements, so it should fit a bit bigger.

@nahneun It is a size 2, and I already love it. I'll let ya know if I change my mind. :P 

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Originally Posted by Meis View Post

@chetB How did you size them?

True to size, based on advice in the NMWA thread.
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What year is it?

TOJ (in navy calfskin, thanks @cyc wid it!)

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better pics of recent leather i also picked up
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Picked up these from the Farfetch sale, 'Pete Sorensen' not exactly being reputable as a brand (yet, at least) so I'm not getting my hopes up. Hoping they're not glued/cemented for what was originally a £300+ pair of boots, but can't see much in the way of stitching...


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