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@indesertum indeed it is

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Originally Posted by Krish the Fish View Post

They actually just came in today. I didn't realize how big the pocket wallet is, so it might be a while until I use that (considering the unseasonably warm weather we're having in Ohio). I wish they still had some of the credit card wallets in stock, I honestly would have preferred that to the pocket wallet, though that makes it sound like I dislike the pocket wallet, which couldn't be farther from the truth. The finish on them is gorgeous too

The key holder is great. I used a Bottega Veneta ring my girlfriend got me for Christmas a couple years ago, but it was very bulky, so this slims my pockets down a lot more when I wear denim or don't wear a jacket.

Cool, good to know. The pocket wallet is indeed nice. Just when I was feeling baller for my purchases, I was quickly humbled by an MC dude.
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I assembled my collection of 1786 Russian Leather shoes, bags and assorted other goods..... I assembled the collection on the table, left the room to get my camera, and when I walked back in the smell of the Russian Leather was wonderfully overpowering.....

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Originally Posted by KamoteJoe View Post

indeed it is

They're two separate coats or inside out? Hard to tell from phone. The fabric on the bottom one is so nice
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nonnative DR :slayer:

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Originally Posted by RXS09 View Post

nonnative DR icon_gu_b_slayer%5B1%5D.gif

I love it too. It is going to be my last leather purchase for a while, god forbid I get into stuff like CCP or Devoa.
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Got 'em in time for Christmas. They are the coolest boots I've ever worn. Leather quality is only okay. Can't imagine paying the $1100 retail. Man, I just looked up the Alexander McQueen wiki today; the guy killed himself in 2010!? That's wild.
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Freenote Cloth Modern Chef.



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you fucker i was gonna cop that
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Originally Posted by Streettrash View Post

Freenote Cloth Modern Chef. 



I like the details :fonz:

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Lock & Co tweed cap

Cabourn WW1 shearling coat

Cheaney Veldtschoen burgundy boots

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that emerald drool.gif

And a bunch of stuff for the family
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^^^^That shearling is stunning. Wow.
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That freenote cloth jacket is lovely

I just paid full price in sale season for a blue blue japan thing

I'm not a great fan of some of the more out there japanese stuff but i love this
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since i ain't ever gonna see that toj wallet i bought

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