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I wear belts with dress pants, but I just don't like them. They only add another of stiffness and awkwardness and are never comfortable when sitting. I have one Geller belt and even that doesn't make me "like" it enough to wear unless it's a necessity.

I'll get the grailed link out once I get on a desktop.
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

I don't think I've ever done this before, but I had no idea these existed and just instakopped. Thanks...?'re welcome?

Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

Ha, That fit is almost identical to the uniqlo x pbj "loose tapered". I might pick up a pair too.
Would those indigo/indigo fade much? Kind of like the 316 shadow selvedge or RgT dark stantons?

PBJ actually had a little more of a taper. I literally couldn't get my foot through the hem on a pair of size 28s. I tried on a pair of these (albeit in a different denim), and a size 29 was a little tight at the leg opening but not disastrously so.

According to all sources, these will fade pretty slowly; the thread is "cheese-dyed" rather than rope-dyed like normal indigo raws, so the thread should be more saturated, Also, they used a sulfur-based indigo that should fade a little slower regardless.

Originally Posted by accordion View Post

Would take a really long time to fade them like with any raws. JBs are pretty good for the price afaik, they're part of Momotaro, I know some say they're way inferior by but I'm not a denimhead and couldn't tell. I think the JB601 thighs are slimmer than UniqloxPBj, but with a roomier knee and same hem, so a straight up skinny jean for big thighed people, but I'm not sure if that even works without elastane.

Japan Blue Group owns the Momotaro and Japan Blue labels as well as Collect Mills (denim mill) and Rampuya (dye house).

Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

They don't have some of the denimhead geegaws that Momotaros have, like hidden rivets, back pocket linings, special pocket bags, etc..  But for me, it's about the cut and the denim, and I really like the Japan Blue cuts, and a fair bit of thought seems to have gone into some of the more special denims, like the "Monster" denim.  

These, though do not fit like "skinny jeans" or at least, they should not be sized like that unless you want to look extra dumb.  The regular tapered are a bir more like that.  These though, are more like true carrot jeans.  You can wear them like old Julian reds, sagged so that they crotch is slightly dropped, with crazy stacks.  Think Dior homme jeans not sized down a bazillion.

Basically this, although in this case the leather patch was dyed indigo, which I think is kind of a cool nerdy detail.

I'm hoping at some point they come out with a version of these jeans made with the indigo warp / black weft monster denim.
Originally Posted by Dairy Phobic View Post

What is the property difference between one wash vs raw option? I assume the one wash model with be easier to size than the raws because there is no need to account for shrinkage? But is one wash much more difficult to fade?

how much shrinkage from washing can be expected from the raw model?

Probably not a ton since they're sanforized, and comparable to what you see in the size charts (maybe less if you only wash them in cold water). They'll fade kinda slowly regardless (see earlier comment). If there's much starch in the jeans, the one-wash will get rid of some of that. You'll lose some of the raw denim feel, but it can potentially extend the life of the jeans a little because there won't be as much abrasion right off the bat. IDK, I went with raw because given the choise I always opt for raw. Always. mwink[1].gif
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that's how mtv shows are made, nwi
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Frank Leder Deutschleder jacket.

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Nice. Hope you beat it to hell. Love the buttons too.
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I'll do my best smile.gif Thanks for the sizing advice.
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Margaret Howell roll neck sold out in my size frown.gif
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Yeah, they seemed to be selling out fast this time. Previous years, they stuck around for a while. I'm bummed that I missed out on the MH hand framed rollneck (that was only on the MH website) that popped up on grailed a while ago.
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dana lee

i want the waffle leisure jacket so bad now
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hell yeah found this on groiled just as i made that last statement, dana lee
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Anyone knows whats up with Dana Lee these days? Doesn't seem to have been any FW15

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Originally Posted by patagonianwild View Post

Anyone knows whats up with Dana Lee these days? Doesn't seem to have been any FW15

She seems to skip some seasons for whatever reason, and not necessarily consistently.
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Devoa cotton/washi


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Originally Posted by zissou View Post
Frank Leder Deutschleder jacket.



What material?

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(its a very dense /heavy cotton)
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