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No man og ones are like 10 bucks.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

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I'm turning into my dad Jet. He has two rules: no shorts unless at the beach and no sandals

Like I said Margiela has let me down with the espadrilles man. I have given up on the current model which is very thin and flimsy, I'll keep waiting for a new model. In the mean time the Saint Laurents are probably the best espadrilles I've handled

I would consider these Margielas....if only it didn't look like I took a hole puncher to it

I'm so proud of you.

Only thing that worries me is that espadrilles by nature fall apart hence I wouldn't personally spend a lot on them. Still would like the og ones I forgot the name of (sup parker) and wear my topmans every summer.

I get what you mean I've gone through a few ASOS models myself. I learned the hard way with ASOS in Cuba after stepping in a puddle and realizing the bottom was made of canvas

I won't treat this Saint Laurent pair so harshly, lets see how long they last. They are heavy/solid so I have high hopes
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That's the problem with those, my first pair of topmans did that too so now I avoid puddles at all costs around pools. They shrink too if they get wet and sit under the sun lol.

Seriously going to wear nike frees sockless for that musclebound douche chillin by the pool look if I can't find those espys.
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